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This hands-on workshop will cover all RHCSA exam questions and will share latest dumps to you:Understand and use essential toolsAccess a shell prompt and issue commands with correct syntaxUse input-output redirection (>, >>

Hands on RHCSA Examination Preparation-Paid Workshop


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This hands-on workshop will cover all RHCSA exam questions and will share latest dumps to you:

Understand and use essential tools

Access a shell prompt and issue commands with correct syntaxUse input-output redirection (>, >>, |, 2>, etc.)Use grep and regular expressions to analyze textAccess remote systems using sshLog in and switch users in multiuser targetsArchive, compress, unpack, and uncompress files using tar, star, gzip, and bzip2Create and edit text filesCreate, delete, copy, and move files and directoriesCreate hard and soft linksList, set, and change standard ugo/rwx permissionsLocate, read, and use system documentation including man, info, and files in /usr/share/doc

Operate running systems

Boot, reboot, and shut down a system normallyBoot systems into different targets manuallyInterrupt the boot process in order to gain access to a systemIdentify CPU/memory intensive processes, adjust process priority with renice, and kill processesLocate and interpret system log files and journalsAccess a virtual machine's consoleStart and stop virtual machinesStart, stop, and check the status of network servicesSecurely transfer files between systems

Configure local storage

List, create, delete partitions on MBR and GPT disksCreate and remove physical volumes, assign physical volumes to volume groups, and create and delete logical volumesConfigure systems to mount file systems at boot by Universally Unique ID (UUID) or labelAdd new partitions and logical volumes, and swap to a system non-destructively

Deploy, configure, and maintain systems

Configure networking and hostname resolution statically or dynamically

Schedule tasks using at and cron

Configure network services to start automatically at boot

Configure a system to use time services

Install and update software packages from Red Hat Network, a remote repository, or from the local file system

Update the kernel package appropriately to ensure a bootable system

Manage users and groups

Create, delete, and modify local user accountsChange passwords and adjust password aging for local user accountsCreate, delete, and modify local groups and group membershipsConfigure a system to use an existing authentication service for user and group information

Manage security

Configure firewall settings using firewall-config, firewall-cmd, or iptablesConfigure key-based authentication for SSHSet enforcing and permissive modes for SELinuxList and identify SELinux file and process contextRestore default file contextsUse boolean settings to modify system SELinux settingsDiagnose and address routine SELinux policy violations


1. Participants should carry own laptop. At least i3, 4 GB, and a 4G mobile/dongle with internet connection for workshop installations and configurations on laptop.
2. Participants should bring in laptop with pre-installed CentOS 7 OR RHEL

3. Participants should be aware of basics of Linux
4. Participants should carry own lunch or can visit nearby food joints for lunch. (as lunch is not included in the workshop fees and we will not provide lunch) We have good food joints available nearby our office area.

5. Please carry a note book to note down important points during the discussion. Participants will get a copy of workshop handout and set up instructions.


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