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GW Startup Sports Day


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About The Event

We all have one thing in common “we are living for our dream”. A dream to simplify this world with our innovation and effort. Day in and day out we breath, sleep and live what we believe in. Startup off course is a marathon, but you don’t sprint a marathon.


Hence take a break guys…. And give some rest to your mac book & your phone and for once stop thinking about networking events, investors and valuations. Let’s indulge in some serious fun, let the excitement and the adrenaline rush take you over. brings an opportunity to play some serious sports and rejuvenate.


Championship will be of multiple sports 8-a-side cricket, 7-a-side football and volleyball and will be played under lights.

All startups of Hyderabad are invited to register in the event. (both boys and girls can take part)

Both Individual as well as team registrations are invited. Startups can form their own teams of 8-10 members or GW can help forming a team.

The four teams will play in knockout ties across all three sports.

The team wining maximum sports titles will be declared the Champions.


Cricket matches will be played with soft tennis ball with 8 players and 8 overs a side. Both boys and Girls are invited to participate in the match.


Football match will be with 7-a-side (Plus 3 rolling) and game time of 20 min; each half of 10 min with break time of 5 min.


Volleyball match will be played under official rules of volleyball 6-a-side format on sand court.

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It's Rs. 350/- per person.

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