GOND Painting Workshops

GOND Painting Workshops


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About The Event

The Gonds are among the largest tribes in Central India, numbering about 4 million. Though predominantly centered in Madhya Pradesh, they are present in significant numbers in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Odisha. 
The Gonds paint their walls with vibrant depictions of local flora, fauna and gods such as Marahi Devi and Phulvari Devi (Goddess Kali). Traditionally made on festive occasions such as Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Ashtami and Nag Panchmi, Gond painting depicts various celebrations, rituals and man’s relationship with nature. The artists use natural colors derived from charcoal, colored soil, plant sap, leaves, and cow dung. This mystical art form is created by putting together dots and lines. The imaginative use of the line imparts a sense of movement to the still images. The paintings are an offering in worship of nature, and are also a mode of seeking protection and warding off evil.

Ramesh is an accomplished GOND ARTIST from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He has been painting professionally for over twenty years. His works are mostly depictions of nature, done in the characteristic colorful and detailed Gond style. He particularly likes to paint animal figures. 

Many of his works centre on the elephant. In the Museum of Mankind at IGRMS, Bhopal, his huge blue elephant instantly captures the visitor’s eye. 

As a child, Ramesh was wonderstruck when he came to know that Verrier Elwin was his aunt’s husband. He didn’t know exactly what Verrier Elwin had done, but the reverence in his father’s voice when he spoke of the great anthropologist convinced him of his uncle’s greatness!

In his childhood, Ramesh saw wild elephants in the forests around Patangarh. He finds it fascinating that these same elephants can be stroked once they are tamed. With his bold strokes and use of vibrant colour Ramesh Tekam paints the different species of animals that he saw while he was growing up. 

Thu, APR 21st 10 AM – 1 PM HOUSLIFE, Ishanya Mall
Thu, APR 21st 4 PM – 7 PM WALCHAND ART GALLERY, Nigadi 
Fri , APR 22nd 11 AM - 2 PM PAGDANDI, Baner 
Fri , APR 22nd 4 PM – 7 PM GYAN ADAB, Kalyaninagar 
Sat, APR 23rd 10.30 AM – 1.30 PM P. N. GADGIL, Aundh 
Sun, APR 24th 11 AM - 2 PM THE INTEGRAL SPACE, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Sun, APR 24th 4 PM - 7 PM ART LOVERS’ GALLERY, Bandra, Mumbai
Mon, APR 25th 11 AM - 2 AM HOUSE OF ART, Stavely Road, Camp
Mon, APR 25th 4 PM – 7 PM KALMADI SCHOOL, Karvenagar
Tue, APR 26th 11 AM – 2 PM ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL, Udaybaug

Advance Registration is at Rs. 850/- On the spot registration will be at Rs. 1100/- . Workshop Tickets are available at http://www.heartforartonline.com/products/gond-painting-workshops-pune

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