The first FuckUp Night took place in Mexico City in September 2012. Since then people gather every month  and listen to three stories about failure.

In every FuckUp Night each speaker tells their story: What was the project? What went wrong? What did they learn? What would they do differently? Each of them tells their story in 10 images (each projected for 40 seconds) followed by a Q&A session, and at the end of the speaker’s stories, the night is open for networking among attendees.

BHIVE Workspace has decided to bring Fuckup Nights to Bangalore because it’s better for entrepreneurs to learn from others’ mistakes and not commit them. And in wake of the start-up ecosystem that the city boasts, there rose a necessity for people to know and learn from other’s failures. Hence!

Registration is Mandatory, please fill the form here.  

The event is a free of cost. 

Story Tellers

Ismail Sheriff  – Co-founder of Torq Square,

Satya Vyas, Co-Founder, CEO at Orobind Technologies

Arnav Georgian,  Co-founder at Top and Talk.


When: 16th April, 2016.

Where:  Knowlarity Communications Pvt Ltd

Address: 9, Esquire Center, Block B, Level 5, MG Road, Bangalore – 560001

Time: 6PM to 8PM