Book Online Tickets for Fortis Mente, Kochi. Have you forgotten to smile?Did you ever suppressed your tears?Not being able to appreciate people?You suffer from a lack of confidence?Ever felt Jealous of someone\'s success?Feel like no one’s loves you?Facing fears that hold you back?
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Have you forgotten to smile?
Did you ever suppressed your tears?
Not being able to appreciate people?
You suffer from a lack of confidence?
Ever felt Jealous of someone's success?
Feel like no one’s loves you?
Facing fears that hold you back?

If any of this sounds familiar, then this program is absolutely right for you! If you are frustrated and stressed because you feel lost or have no self-awareness of what you want, what you want to be and what you want to do, then 'Fortis Mente' can be the perfect solution to put an end to all your stress and frustrations.

Every people in this world are unique and each having different talents and skills. But finding your natural talents can be quite difficult to do. Mostpeople find themselves frustrated at their lack of ability to remember simple details such as names, phone numbers, business information etc. Am I losing my memory? How can I discover my natural talents? How to remember something that I forgot? Several questions may come to our mind in these situations.

So often we look outside of ourselves for answers. The real fact is that you have all the answers within you. Fortis Mente is an inspiring program based on the concepts of Hypnotism, auto-suggestions and Neuro linguistic programming. Come and experience the power of hypnosis and NLP and uncover your true potential.

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Entrepreneurs, Career beginners, Trainers , Educators, Corporate professionals & all those who are looking for new ideas can join.

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