Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment


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About The Event

Foreign investments refer to the capital flows into India. India being a developing and emerging market with pronounced growth of more than 8% in GDP is an attractive country for Non residents to invest their funds in India.

The present context of International liquidity particularly after the sub prime crisis and slower growth of USA and disturbing situation in Europe consequent to crisis in Greece and the potential problems of Portugal,Spain, Italy the International liquidity is aggressive in locating emerging marlkets for their investment. India and China continue to be a destination for such investments.However India can not afford to allow such investments freely without any conditions as such flows have serious impacts on the domestic economy.An unending inflow of foreign funds much beyond the current account deficit creates inflationary situations besides exerting pressure on exchange rate of Indian Rupees.Indian rupee is constrained to appreciate in vale seriously affecting Indian exports.

It is therefore necessary that while welcoming foreign investments a calibrated prudent approach is required to curtail their adverse impacts on the economy for inflation and exchange rates.

In India such flows are regulated through Foreign Invest,ment policy and Regulations under FEMA 1999.

This workshop is designed to familiarise the participants to appreciate the current regualtory regime in India for Foreign Investments as also develop the necessary skille to evolve startegies to accept foreign investments in their companies.


Objective :


The objective of the programe is


1. to up date the knowledge of regualtory provisions for foreign investments in India

2 to sharpen the skills to evolve strategies for inviting foreign capital,

3 to have practical case studies to understand the complexities in the area of foreign investment, and

4 to evolve a system in the comapny for a proper compliance system for foreign investment.


Session wise details


1. Overview of Foreign Investment - Provisions of FEMA 1999 for the Foreign Investment

2. Different types of investment in India- Foreign Direct Investment- Portfolio Investment- Investment by Venture capital funds

3 Investments by Non Resident Indians

4 Four case studies to reinforce the concepts of the policy and procedures of the subject.

5. Avenue of compounding in case of non compliance and the procedure therefor.

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