Force Gurkha RFC India 2016 (22nd July to 29th July)

Force Gurkha RFC India 2016 (22nd July to 29th July)


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About The Event

Force Gurkha RFC India 2016: 3rd Edition of India’s biggest off-road motorsport event to take place in Goa from 22nd July to 29th July


The third edition of Force Gurkha RFC India, organized by Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd., will be held in Goa from 22ndJuly 2016 to 29th July 2016.


It is the India Chapter of the Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia, which is among the top ten toughest motor races in the world and which currently has 25 editions worldwide.​

Offroaders, motorsport enthusiasts and adventurers from across India gather in Goa during the week-long event, making it the biggest annual congregation of Indian off-road motorsport enthusiasts.


The Special Stages of Force Gurkha RFC India 2016

Force Gurkha RFC India 2016 will be divided into four competitive legs; The Prologue, The Predator, The Terminator & The Twilight Zone. These legs will be further divided into around 24 Special Stages (SS) with each SS consisting of 100 points. At every Special Stage, points will be given to the competitors for successfully completing the task while points will be deducted for penalties incurred for making mistakes, not finishing the task or breaking the competition rules. The team with the maximum points at the end of the event will be declared the overall champion of Force Gurkha RFC India 2016.


Top Indian competitor qualifies for RFC Malaysia 2016

Indian national who emerges on top in the overall rankings of Force Gurkha RFC India 2016will get an automatic and free entry to RFC Malaysia 2016 and will be competing with some of the best off-roaders from across the world at the mother event.


Participation Criteria

Anyone with a relevant past offroading or motorsport experience and with a 4X4 vehicle that has been modified to suit the RFC India guidelines ( is eligible to apply for Force Gurkha RFC India 2016. All applications, except competitors who have participated in RFC India previously, will be reviewed by the screening committee prior to acceptance.


Participation Fee

One can participate in the event as a competitor or a touring adventurer. The participation fee for an Indian competing team, comprising of 2 people (driver and navigator), is INR 75,000 while the fee for an Indian entry of touring adventurer 4X4 vehicle with maximum 3 members is INR 15,000. Fee for touring adventurers includes participation in opening & closing ceremonies, prize distribution ceremony as well as witnessing Prologue, Predator & Terminator SS with limited merchandise.


Registrations open with limited participation slots

Registration for Force Gurkha RFC India 2016 is open and interested people can get themselves registered on the RFC India website ( or visit the RFC India Office for registration. Up to 25 teams can compete in the event. Since the North and South India Regional Chapters of Force Gurkha RFC India 2016 were held recently and the winners of both the Chapters got an automatic free entry to the Goa event, there are now only 23 slots available. Therefore, contestants are advised to register at the earliest to secure their participation in this international off-road motorsport event.


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