Food and Mood Workshop by Neela Gohil

Food and Mood Workshop by Neela Gohil


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About The Event

Are you an emotional eater?

Do cravings affect your mood and weight?

Raise your awareness about food and how it affects your mood, emotions, energy levels, health and wellbeing

Food is vital to living and how we nourish and nurture ourselves.  The relationship we have with food and our emotions is a direct reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.

Have you been on an emotional roller coaster of life events that impact the way in which you relate to food i.e. loss and grief of a loved one, health issues, financial uncertainty, relationship break-up, conflicts at home, work pressure and stress?

Join us on a journey to identify your Food Story and how your emotions impact all areas of your life.

Are you hungry for lasting change? - are you a parent, teacher, teenager, employee, nutritionist, anyone who wants to feel more energised, confident, lighter and fulfilled.  What would it be like to have a more nurturing, loving, accepting relationship with yourself and Food?

This one day Food&Mood workshop is designed to give you an experience of healthier lifestyle choices and includes breathing, movement, meditation and healthy nutrition and techniques to help manage your energy levels. 

You will Learn & use powerful Emotional Freedom Techniques to:

  • Reduce cravings and addictions
  • Overcome blocks to weight issues and increase body confidence
  • Clear negative emotions, thought patterns to feel lighter, energised and fulfilled

EFT "aka" Tapping is a clinically proven technique developed by Gary Craig where you tap on Psychological Acupressure points to lower stress, anxiety, past upsets, cravings, fears, depression and negativity to create health, wellness, balance and confidence in all areas of life and is used worldwide.


Join Neela Gohil, Founder of BluEnergy - Coach & Holistic Wellness Practitoner for an interactive, fun, life changing session


For further details call: +91 965 065 0333 or 989 230 2132


Please go to to learn more about Neela


Energy exchange: 5500 INR (includes refreshments and healthy lunch)

Prior booking and payment is required.

We look forward to welcoming you :)





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