Firewalk to Unleash the Power Within 30th April Bangalore

Firewalk to Unleash the Power Within 30th April Bangalore


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About The Event

The history of Firewalking

Fire worship practiced as a rite of purification, healing, initiation and transcendence has been a thread in the cultural tapestry of our planet. Many tribal people had, or have, rituals and ceremonies to honour the sacred aspect of fire, honouring its gifts and acknowledging its power. Fire worship and Firewalking has nourished and warmed the human spirit since the dawning of mankind. Today Firewalking has evolved into a powerful tool for helping individuals break-free from fears and limiting beliefs and achieve self-realization and empowerment.

Many of the natural environments of our planet are dependent on the cleansing and purifying aspects of fire. Wildfires clear the way for new growth, which many animal and plant species depend on for survival. Just as the planet requires fire for renewal so does the human spirit, as we are always intrinsically connected with this earth from which we grew. Our relationship to fire is as old as the human race. Recent evidence suggests that Australopithecus controlled fire nearly a million and half years ago. 

HR Anexi as a company has the largest number of Certified Firewalk Instructors and Empowerment Coaches in the world from the oldest certifying institution  SUNDOOR, California. We have attempted to keep the ancient heritage of firewalking pure in our training programs. The experience people are having is truly remarkable. The firewalk is allowing people to experience a depth of healing, inspiration and life altering change not usually available to us. Despite this, we realize that we have only just begun to explore the fantastic potential of this ancient spiritual practice and truly excited to see where this ancient path of fire will lead us in the future.

Firewalking, is an ancient tradition that empowers people to move beyond resistance & towards their goals, hopes & dreams. It pushes people to challenge themselves, test their beliefs and overcome their fears.

HR Anexi presents the “Unleash the Power within through Firewalk” on 30th April 2011 in Bangalore.

Walking on Fire is completely optional. Whether you walk the fire or not, whether you dance, sing, drum or even sit in silence and witness others “do the impossible,” you will benefit from the experience to break through obstacles that hold you back and unleash the power within.

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