FireFox 4 Launch Part, Faridabad, 15th April, 2011

FireFox 4 Launch Part, Faridabad, 15th April, 2011


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TO BE A PARTICIPANT, YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO SHARE YOUR LOVE FOR MOZILLA FIREFOX AND BE ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT OPEN SOURCE. IT WOULD ALSO BE GREAT IF YOU CAN HELP OUT WITH ORGANIZING THE EVENT.Please recommend a person who you are thoroughly impressed with and whom you really want to hear him/ her speak about Open Source or anything related to Mozilla Firefox. We will send out a special invite and do our best to get them to the event.

  • We'll gather in seminar hall which can accomodate upto 200 Mozillians. 
  • The auditorium has wi-fi , projector and it makes a perfect atmosphere to accommodate students who are keen to learn more about open web standards.
  • Almost everyone knows about Mozilla Firefox but not many people know what drives Mozilla to be at the top and what is community driven culture. Mozilla 4 VS IE9 VS Opera 11.0 is a reason of contribution from developers. I will bring the need to contribute among potential developers in a very informal way .
  • The students who are attending are potential developers and bug finders for mozilla community as they are Computer Science Engineering UnderGraduates building projects on web/html5 . They are not connected to mozilla development and the aim is to brigde the gap via this event.

We ll have loads of baloons and large cake along outside the seminar hall. For  more info visit

MORE DETAILS:Please visit for live information about event

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