Exploring Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi Workshop

Exploring Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi Workshop


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About The Event


Raspberry Pi has changed the evolution in the field of connected smart devices and creating real world projects that interact with people. It cultivated a flourishing community of makers, engineers, hobbyist, and programmers. Raspberry Pi is a distinguished IoT platform in a specific board that can perform multitasking programs at a time. This easy to use microcontroller board is especially famous in teaching process for its inexpensive costing and easy-going any language adaptability.

Nuts and Boltz introduces project based training on Raspberry Pi to quench your thirst about electronic innovation with this multipurpose Microcontroller. So if you are in search of something dynamic to enrich yourself to Internet of Things era then just take over the Raspberry Pi training workshop offered by Nuts and Boltz with the advantage of best guidance to assure your success.

This workshop is all about the initial step to make your hands dirty with microcontroller based project or embedded system coding. Below is the agenda of what goes on the workshop.


• Introduction to IoT
• Discussion on hardware prototyping concepts 
• Introduction to Raspberry Pi 
• Hands-on exercises: Working with digital and analog sensors, radios, etc 
• Exposure to other cloud environments
• Project example

Makers Project:

• Android triggered home-Automation 
• Whatsapp (Yowsup client) door bell
• Time lapse photography. 
• Automated live blogging using TI (Texas Instruments) sensor Hub
• Web controlled stepper motor

Kit content:

• Raspberry Pi
• Breadboard
• Data Cable
• Jumper wires
• Raw Electronics (LED, Resistors, LDR etc)
• Raspberry pi compatible Web Cam
• Ti sensor hub
• Stepper Motor
• Wi-Fi Router

*Note: Participants will get all the kits during the training which they have to return back at the time of completion of the workshop. If anyone want to buy the complete kit they can purchase it there.

Who can attend the Workshop?

Students, Designers, makers, Engineers, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Hobbyists and Anyone with an interest in electronics and wants to learn should come along!

Workshop Pricing: 

Rs. 1500/- per participant.

Workshop requirements from participants:

A windows/Mac/Linux computer/laptop for each participant and a lot of enthusiasm to get into the world of internet of things.

So what are you making? For any queries, write to us at query@nutsandboltz.in or call us directly at +91-9599587017.

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