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About The Event

"Activity before Concept, Concept before Vocabulary". That is how you should learn science. Selected 25 experiments/activities from syllabus of physics, chemistry and biology for the class 9th to help students learn science through experiment. These experiments will help them learn concepts better and forever.  

You will conduct variety of experiments  like:

  • Observe human cheek cells under the microscope.
  • Observe different types of plant cells.
  • Separation of volatile and non-volatile components of a blue/black ink.
  • Build a Gauss rifle and determine the effect the number of magnet stages has on the flight distance and velocity of ball bearings.
  • Determine buoyant force when an object is immersed fully or partially in a liquid.
  • Observe a section of stem under a microscope. 
  • Students examine red onion tissue, looking for evidence of plasmolysis. 
  • Displacement of copper by lead or zinc from copper sulphate solution.
  • Analysing relative reactivity of different elements (single displacement, double displacement.)
  • Determine the gravity using Photogate.
  • Conducting experiment to prove 3rd law of motion.
  • Conduct experiment using SpeedCart to prove law of conservation of momentum.
  • Demonstrate law of conservation of mass in a chemical reaction.
  • Explore how much weight can the surface tension of water hold.
  • Plot the magnetic line of forces using one magnet and two magnets.
  • Investigate the diffusion of ions through a semipermeable membrane using apple cider vinegar and a pH sensor.
  • Separation of two miscible liquids by distillation.
  • Make a light spot dance using soundGrowing and microscopic examination of molds.
  • Experiment to test solubility of ionic salts in water, kerosene, alcohol and different solvents.
  • Determine if sound absorption by acoustic foam and similar materials changes with the frequency of sound.
  • Understanding laws of reflection with set of experiments. 
  • Bell jar experiment to show sound cannot travel in vacuum
  • And more...

When you go back to your classroom, you would find understanding the concept easier, you would learn it faster, better and forever.

Number of experiments: 25

Duration:  6 days, 4 hour session each day.  



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