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Experimental Alpha - 8th Grade


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    Experimental Alpha-8th Grade

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About The Event

"Activity before Concept, Concept before Vocabulary". That is how you should learn science. Selected 25 experiments/activities from syllabus of physics, chemistry and biology for the class 8th to help students learn science through experiment. These experiments will help them learn concepts better and forever.  

  • Safely culture and study common bacteria from your everyday surroundings.
  • Model diffusion in cells by infusing cubes of agar with PH indicator and then soaking the treated cubes in vinegar.
  • Observe the effects of short-term ultraviolet light exposure on bacteria.
  • Observe different types of animal cells.
  • Observe different types of plant cells.
  • Determining pH of common substances
  • Blow up a balloon with yeast
  • Burning of magnesium ribbon and testing its oxide characteristics.
  • Burning of sulphur powder and testing the nature of gas.
  • Separating mixture of sand, iron particle and salt.
  • Making a battery using coins.
  • Effect of exhaled air on lime water.
  • Smell test of synthetic and pure silk.
  • Displacement of Copper by Iron.
  • Reaction of acids on metals - generation of hydrogen gas.
  • Transpiration in plants
  • Movement of water in the plant cells.
  • Air currents caused by uneven heating of air.
  • Effect of normal force on the static friction.
  • Light - image formation in case of convex lens and correction of vision.
  • Separating distinct colours from a given light using colour filters and observing the loss of a particular wavelength peak using spectrometer.
  • Make a electromagnet with variation in number of turns and voltage.
  • Splitting of white light by a prism.
  • Observe stomata under the microscope.
  • Observe the effect of light on photosynthesis using gas sensors.


When you go back to your classroom, you would find understanding the concept easier, you would learn it faster, better and forever.

Number of experiments: 25

Duration:  6 days, 4 hour session each day.  



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