Book Online Tickets for Effective Project Management  The MSI Wa, Hyderabad. SETTING THE STAGE:Notwithstanding the tremendous growth opportunities in today’s emerging Indian Economy, the balance sheet of various projects in the sectors like infrastructure, Coal, Petroleum, Power, Railways, Road Transport, Highways, IT&n

Effective Project Management The MSI Way on 16th -17th sept 2010 at Hyderabad


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About The Event

Notwithstanding the tremendous growth opportunities in today’s emerging Indian Economy, the balance sheet of various projects in the sectors like infrastructure, Coal, Petroleum, Power, Railways, Road Transport, Highways, IT  and Telecommunications  is not very encouraging either in terms of time taken or the cost incurred.  Amidst, such a growth opportunity, the constraint clearly lies with the efficiency of management bandwidth. Thus   Effective project execution AND efficient use of managerial time are   instrumental in the successful completion of a project.

In view of the high task uncertainties, activity fragmentation, (sometimes) adversary relationships, complex structures, phase overlaps of engineering, procurement and commissioning and ever changing government policies and procedures, managerial bandwidth will be stretched to a great extent in the process of coordinating  between multiple agencies for ensuring effective (swift & timely) project execution. Thus the real need now is to be in control of the projects with only the necessary investment of managerial focus and time.

Successful project execution requires improved trust & performance; an extended & outward looking enterprise; synchronized upstream and downstream processes, sharing of achievement among key stakeholders; this is the promise of modern Supply Chain Management.
Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is the trusted modern method for project management.   It ensures the completion of projects far ahead of time within the allotted budget while delivering full content.  Effectively deployed, this approach will bring focus and teamwork in both the planning and execution of a project.  It will result in reduced wastage of time & capacity by synchronizing the project execution to increase the speed & reliability while enabling to uncover the effects of uncertainties. It has been established that even though the concept is simple it is not easy to implement in the real world.  MSI™ is a way of setting and achieving audacious goals for the system as a whole. MSI™ helps to rapidly gain the relevant knowledge and deploy the right policies, decisions, rules and actions systematically to set and achieve audacious goals. 

An MSI™ project can be a pleasure and a source of wealth and pride with audacious goals set without the fear of failure, and a carefully planned series of transitions is achieved in the right sequence.  The following diagram illustrates the transitions relevant to MSI™  way of project management.

1) To expose the participants to the modern management systems relevant to the world of projects,
2) To help them in taking some specific urgent decisions and actions, by which results will improve significantly.

Session- I:  Overview of Effective Project Management Systems:
-Opportunities for Convergence and Collaboration
-Implications of Convergence and Collaborations for Project  Organizations and performance
-New Rules for Effective Project Management Systems
Session-II:Understanding Effective Project Management Systems
New tools for collaboration in project environments 
Good Multi-Project Management Planning
Good Single-Project Management Planning 
Good Task Execution and Project Control 
 Effective Overall Management of Project Organizations 
Benefits of Effective Project Management Systems

Session-III:     Grounding for reaping potential benefits
Identifying  the pre-requisites and Preparing
Effective ways of establishing discipline
Discovering the ways to support the transition
Identifying specific actions and prioritizing them
Managing the whole Change.


Dr. A.K Rao:
Dr. A.K Rao holds a  Ph.D in  System Dynamics from IIT Bombay. Dr. Rao has 17 years experience of teaching and consulting in Operations and Execution Management, 8 years in production, planning and design in Hi tech manufacturing industry, Certified Black belt in Six Sigma Methodology, Trained till expert level in various Project Management tools and Methodologies, He has been an active proponent & practitioner of Theory of Constraints for over 10 years. He is trained till expert level in Solution for Sales & Critical Chain Project Management in Theory of Constraints. He has more than 25 publications to his credit in both Indian and International journals.  He has also served as President of Pearl City Chapter of Project Management Institute, USA.

Mr. Manoj Agarwal:
Mr. Manoj Agarwal is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT-Mumbai, with post graduation in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research.  He has several years experience in implementation of Management Systems in many Indian and international companies. He pioneered the implementation of TOC systems in India in 1997. Mr. Agarwal has been certified as an expert by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) in the fields of operations, supply chain management & project management based on his field work. Amongst his various successful implementations include Hindalco, Elecon, Ring Plus Aqua, Tata Steel, Naval Dockyards, Africal Explosives Limited and various business units of L&T Heavy Engineering Division. 

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Rs 18000 + 10.3% Tax for residential
Nomination on or before 24 Aug can avail 10% concession.
Companies nominating 3-4 participants can avail 10% concession

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