Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour 2011


About The Event

Moving beyond symbolism!

60 minutes of darkness was the first step! Its time to initiate a step ahead!

Our call is to move beyond just an hour of switch–off and make a commitment for continued action, 24x7, year around

Let’s hear your call…
To make a start, there are several things you can do

  1. Join us on Facebook
  2. Upload your 60+idea
  3. Run your own Earth Hour event
  4. Make a personal Pledge to reduce carbon emissions and tell us about it
  5. Add our tools and downloads to your blogs and websites

Your support has made Earth Hour a movement

This year too

Take the lead! Be the change!

Earth Hour 2010
One of the biggest ever!
- 6 million Indians supported
- 128 cities switched off to show support
- 600000 students supported
- 120 Public and Private Enterprises joined in

Earth Hour 2009
India’s first attempt to inspire public action on climate change!
- 5 million citizens participated
- 58 Indian cities supported

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