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We believe in providing appropriate platform and right opportunity to facilitate investment and business opportunities to potential investors across the Maharashtra.
Vision and Mission:
The State of Maharashtra is the fast emerging as one of the



About The Event

We believe in providing appropriate platform and right opportunity to facilitate investment and business opportunities to potential investors across the Maharashtra.

Vision and Mission:

The State of Maharashtra is the fast emerging as one of the most Favored Investment Destinations in India.  Globalization of Market and a buoyant economy has given tremendous impetus to the industrial growth in the state.  As per EXHIBIT MAHARASHTRA analysis Maharashtra has competitive advantage in terms of strategic location, basic infrastructure as well as large skilled, educated, young workforce.  Besides, the State has investor-friendly policy environment which facilitate tremendous scope of investment.  EM analysis further indicate that there are plenty of investment opportunities in sectors like – Agriculture & Food Processing, Tourism & Hospitality, Real Estate & Housing,  IT & ITES, Textile & Apparel, Chemical  & Fertilizers, Gems & Jewelry, Logistics, Entertainment & Media and many more……


USABF EXHIBIT MAHARASHTRA analysis potential opportunities in each district, which will be marketed locally, Pan India & Globally through USABF network. We have envisaged India to be counted amongst the most industrialized, developed & a leader in the human happiness index, Maharashtra in the India

Focus Areas:

  • Provide platform for investors to initiate dialogue with the State Government for setting up new units in the states.
  • Make prospective investors and policy makers aware of the emerging opportunities and strategic thrust areas.
  • Share and learn best practices in technologies/innovations and management practices.
  • Focus on infrastructure to activate local commerce.
  • Focus on promoting Culture & Arts of  each district
  • Focus on Education & Training
  • Focus on Handicrafts
  • Facilitate creating globally competitive environment conducive for setting up business.
  • To bring consensus on actions to address the challenges


  • Agriculture (Farming – Crops produce)
  • Food Processing
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Real Estate & Housing
  • IT & ITES
  • Textile & Apparel
  • Gems & Jewelry
  • Culture & Arts
  • Handicrafts
  • Entertainment & Music
  • Chemical & Dyes
  • Logistics



  • Ministers – Palak Mantri for District (Assembly member)
  • Zilha parishad – CEO and PRESIDENT
  • District Collector
  • Panchayat Samiti’s
  • Industry Minister
  • Government Undertaken association / organization
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Trade Association
  • Industry Associations
  • Federations, Export Promotion Council
  • Corporate
  • Banks and Financial Institutions



USABF EXHIBIT MAHARASHTRA would like to introduce brief plan for the same. 


MAHA DISTICT SUMMIT  Further it can be called as RISING DISTRICT --- e.g.






Includes: (Con-current Events for 3 days)

  • Business Summit (Issues Discussion, Q&A with prominent speakers, Industry Experts)
  • Business Networking (Exchange of Cards, mapping meetings for future)
  • Expo (Showcasing potential stall of concern district, Corporate Brand and handicrafts)
  • Food Festival (Showcasing/promoting FOOD items and specially to attract tourism Domestic & International)
  • Entertainment Program (Promoting District Culture & Arts to Domestic & International Market)
  • Launch of EXHIBIT MAHARASHTRA web portal (Portal cover all necessary info, user friendly and interactive to promote Maharashtra globally)
  • Launch of District Business Souvenir (Business Magazine)
  • District Awards: Felicitation Ceremony
  • District Rally or District Marathon :  Car & Bike’s rally or Marathon === promoting whole district




FIRST DAY (Timings: 5.00pm to 9.00pm): Key Issues with Q & A : Panel Discussion


Panelist: (Prominent Speakers )

(a)   District Palak Mantri

  • Topic: Responsibilities & Guideline provision for Industry

(b)   Industry Minister

  • Topic: Economic, statistics growth of Industry and Job opportunities

(c)    MLA’s ( 5 – 6 Nos.)

  • Topic: Support & various scope of Industries in District

(d)   Zilla Parishad – CEO

  • Topic: Supportive requirements such as Infrastructure, Warehouses, transportation etc.

(e)    Zilla Parishad – President

  • Topic: Geographical Issues in favor of public (Benefits of public)

(f)    District Collector

  • Topic: Potential opportunities in concern district in regards to setup various Industries.



  • Industry People
  • Corporate
  • Banks
  • Government officials
  • Business Houses
  • Trade Association
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Manufacturers Associations
  • And many more……

SECOND DAY (Timings: 5.00pm to 9.00pm): Key Issues with Q & A : Panel Discussion

Panelist: (Prominent Speakers )


(a)   Industry Leaders

  • Topic: Potentials opportunities in various Industries

(b)   Business Houses

  • Topic: Business generation and Job opportunities

(c)    Corporate

  • Topic: Requirements of Infrastructure, Road, Transport, Medical facilities etc.

(d)   Financial Institutions

  • Topic: Support and scope in various categories




  • Zilla Parishad
  • Panchayat Samiti’s (Taluka’s & Village Panchayat’s)
  • General Public
  •  SME’s
  •  Manufacturers Associations
  • And many more…


BUSINESS NETWORKING (9.00 to 10.00 pm)




  • Prominent Speakers
  • Industry Experts
  • Problem Solving
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Face to Face Meeting (One to One Networking)
  • Direct Access to Industry people
  • Guidelines for further growth
  • Business Ethics
  • Finance Questions / handling
  • Organization Features
  • Corporate World
  • Corridor to Business Opportunities
  • Building Networks
  • Knowledge Sharing




Timings: 3.00pm to 9.00pm

 Aim and Motive

The motive behind displaying products is to grab the attention of the prospective buyers and then eventually resulting in their sales. The seller should therefore make desired efforts to make the product appealing and eye catching. They should not forget that their competitors are in close proximity and even a small loophole could cost them a client. Choice is something that attracts customers, whether one is buying a camera, a fridge, a TV, or any other product. The availability of choice is a factor that draws many people. Presentation plays a pivotal role in determining the sale prospects. An item should be placed at the eye level of the viewers in order to catch their attention.

Colour too has a dominant role in converting the prospective customers into actual ones. Color gives a product its defining image and helps the people to distinguish it from that of the competitors.


District Showbiz will be crucial event for the Agriculture & food processing industry in today’s testing times of food inflation. In the present scenario, there is an alarming need to counter the effects of scarcity of production of food crops. To counterbalance and improve upon the food and agriculture related issues. The event lasting for two days filled with glorious opportunities for the ailing food industry, Agriculture, Tourism, Education, Financial Institutes and many more.. The primary objective of the meet is to promote most of the potential industries of concern district and develop various agricultural sectors by spreading information and knowledge to farmers, small farmer groups, processors, traders, NGOs, development organizations and other interested parties. The event is very important for the industry and it is expected that over 40+ exhibitors and 5000+ visitors per district will attend the exhibition.

Highlights of the Event

  • Involvement of small farmer groups, processors, traders, NGOs, development organizations.
  • Very important event in the light of recession and food inflation.
  • Tremendous opportunities to network with other market players.
  • Focus on development of developing farm entrepreneurship, farm mechanization, organic farming, food processing.
  • Over 130 exhibitors and 5000 visitors.
  • Informative seminars and discussions.

Exhibitor Profile

    Agri Business
    Cultural Features (Garments)
    Food Process Technology
    Agri-Machinery & Farm Implements
    Bio fertilizer Soil Substitutes
    Bio-Technology & Pest Control
    Financial Banks & Insurance Firms
    Home Appliances
    Entertainment & Media
    Arts, Crafts & Paintings
    Travel & Tourism
    Organic Farming
    Tractors & Tillers
    Animal Husbandry, Dairy, Poultry & Veterinary
    Fisheries & Aquaculture
    Floriculture & Horticulture
    Packaging Technology


Visitor Profile 

    Horticulture Technologists                                  
    Storage, Transport Logistics Experts
    Agricultural Officers & Relevant Gov. Authorities
    Real Estate Developers
    Importers, Exporters Traders
    Landscaping Professionals & Agri
    Farmers & Agribusiness Professionals
    Plantation Owners & Technologists
    Agents & Distributors
    Veterinary Animal Health Specialists

    General Public
    Nurserymen & Growers
    Educators & Students
    CEO’s & Plant Managers from Food Processors
    Sr. Executives from Production, QC & Purchase Departments
    Professionals from R & D Institution
    Supply Chain Distributors, Department Stores Managers


    The exhibitor can display a wide range of products and services
    Buyers can source as per their choice from a wide collection
    One can meet large number of prospective buyers in a brief duration of time
    Massive cost-benefits for the BUYERS / SELLERS
    It is a platform for both the exhibitor and the buyer to establish a network for future dealings
    One can get an idea of the exhibition advertising trends as well as get acquainted with the future        prospects of the related market
    Opportunity to view from close proximity, the USP of the competitor's products, and their selling     strategies
    A face to face interaction with the prospective customers
    An opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the competitors.

  FOOD FESTIVAL --- DISTRICT FOOD FIESTA (DISTRICT TASTE)   Food Festival (DISTRICT TASTE) would provide an opportunity for the visitors to taste different types of food from various Talukas from concern district.  ‘DISTRICT TASTE ', a Two-day food festival  will showcase different types of recipes, village specialty, cooking style, masala’s, villagers cooking instruments, heritage cooking style and many more… 
Food Festival (DISTRICT TASTE) will be collaborate more closely and build a solid networking among villagers, Taluka’s and other communities.   BENEFITS / ADVANTAGES OF FOOD FESTIVAL   
  • It encourages farmers to established new small business
  • Income source
  • New experience, education and cultural transformation
  • Attracts and support Agro-tourism
  • Supports Education and Agriculture growth  
Timings: 7.00pm to 10.00pm   Dances: Various dance forms of Maharashtra is the most important part of Maharashtrian culture. These majorly included folk dances which are performed during the festivals and special occasions within the state. The important dances of the state are described below.

Famous Dances: Lavni, Tamasha & Koli

Other popular dances of the state include Dhangari Gaja, Povadas, Dindi and Kala. These dances represent their rich culture and way of life.


The state is well known for its music. The various folk forms like lavnis, povadas, gondnals and bharuds are a true reflection of the society. Besides India's greatest treasure on classical music of medieval times the "Sangitratnakara" was written by Sharang Dev in the 13th century.
The state is a birth place of too many renowned singers and musicians like Lata Mangeshkar, Pt. Pohankar, Kishori Amonkar, and other luminaries. Participation of All Taluka’s  &  Villages  BENEFITS / ADVANTAGES OF ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM 
  • Arts teaches team-work, creative problem solving, non-violent expression and self-discipline, and instills a sense of pride in students, their families and their communities.
  • Arts have been shown to be of particular importance to children and adults at risk.  They offer opportunities for self-expression and exploration and help to build skills, discipline and pride that lead to fulfilling careers and leisure activities.
  • Arts build positive networks and mentoring relationships between practicing artists in a community and young people.
  • Promotes a stronger sense of community; artists live in all of our communities; they are not corporations with domestic and international
  • Increases people’s pride in the place where they live
  • Energizes people and builds and breeds more creativity, which spills over into every domain of our lives
  • Supports the tourism industry
  • Enhances all levels of education  
  • Arts and culture help to spawn creativity and innovation in all fields.

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