EDPD 2011, Kanyakumari, 21st to 25th Sept 2011

EDPD 2011, Kanyakumari, 21st to 25th Sept 2011


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State of the art in Global Tectonics - a snapshot

“A Snapshot” is an introduction pointing to the essential conditions that have developed the platform for the conference. It aims to give an overview of the current looking of global tectonics and their shortcomings exposed by the expansion of observational knowledge, and points to possible ways out of the dilemma.

Special Session: "Solar Cycles, Earthquakes and Climate

Given the utter devastation caused by the Japanese earthquake and tsunamis, TRANSECT and NCGT have decided to incorporate a special session on "Solar Cycles, Earthquakes and Climate." in the forthcoming international conference "Earth Dynamics- Perceptions and Deadlocks" ( EDPD-2011). Your papers/ viewpoints are invited.

The last date for submission of papers under this section is 30th May 2011.

1. Climate and Tectonics – the gateway to geodynamics?

That tectonics can influence climate is well known – rise of Himalaya, for instance, have affected global wind circulation, and thereby climate. But earth’s internal dynamics (tectonics) – together with sun, atmosphere and oceans - being one of the climate drivers is a rather new and emerging concept. It appears that increased seismicity and hydrothermal activity in some geologically active zones relates to the atmospheric pressure system. The session is intended to look into these intriguing aspects.

2. Stratigraphic boundaries – geodynamic stamps of the past.

3. The Dynamic Earth – perceptions and deadlocks.

4. Planetary motions and Earth configuration.

5. Mineral Segregation – formation of ores.

6. Hydrocarbons – nature, depth and dynamics!

Geocognition – sensing the planetary system.

Any sensible thought process about the working of earth will have to bring in the physical link between diverse phenomena, notably accounting for the relationship between short lived catastrophic events and long-term quiescence. The panel discussion aims at bringing a sensible cognition about the earth system at large.


 Abstracts for the Conference are invited. Those interested in presenting papers related to various subjects of interest in the Conference, are said to forward their abstracts in the prescribed template [attached herewith] in '.doc' format to "abstract2011@transect.in".

Transect aims to bring out a dynamic scrutiny of hypothesis in earth science. To facilitate, a blog based discussion on the submitted paper will be aired well in advance. All participants are requested to participate in this discussion forum leading to a productive outcome in our September meeting.

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