Discover the Guru Within

Discover the Guru Within


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About The Event

This is a first-ever Consciousness Lab meant to awaken and uphold the guru within you. A guru who leads unto light from darkness. A guru who does not have to create a cult, feign a following or tantalize with tricks. And a guru, who by his / her sheer presence, the fragrance of his / her blossomed being is seen, revered and loved as a fellow traveler holding up a mirror

Explore experience and explode!!!

To embark upon a journey to self-mastery.

A 5-day residential consciousness-lab to be held at Fireflies Ashram from Saturday, September 11, 2010 to Wednesday, September 15, 2010.

  • Wake up from the dream of being awake
  • See through the eyes of conscious awareness
  • Be an instrument of the cosmic intelligence Transcend limits of linear logic
  • Embrace the meander to make the unknown, known
  • Transform your and others life into a classroom
  • Attain the highest, at the lowest
  • Relate to your environment through Unity Consciousness
  • Transmit your brilliance with Intent and Heal with compassion
  • Clear the past, freeing yourself and others from limiting belief systems
  • Co-create meaningful realties through conflict & communion
  • Accept & live through the struggle & pain of transformation
  • Awaken and uphold divinity in self and others

Please download a brochure for more information on the program from

To know more about the Program Guide who also happens to be a co-traveler, please download his profile from

If you are intentful about your participation but find distractions coming in the way, please feel free to call our helpline +91-99803-11657. We will try to help you see things in a certain perspective and respond from a state of inner harmony.

Please register in advance, latest by, September 08, 2010 by filling up the registration form and mailing it to For more info and facilitation of registration, please call +91-99803-11657.

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