Disaster Management 2011, 19th to 21st September, Delhi

Disaster Management 2011, 19th to 21st September, Delhi


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About The Event

Disaster Management 2011 would be a platform to attract exhibitors from all over the world and would not only provide an opportunity to tap huge markets, but at the same time allow them to personally interact with the big-wigs of the industry. The exhibits shall be: 

Search, Rescue, Safety Tools & Equipments

Cutting Equipment, Diving Equipment, Rescue Equipment Kit Forcible Entry Tools, Jacks (Hydraulic / Pneumatic), Life rafts, Lighting, Searchlights (Torch, Lamps,), Location Beacons, Night Vision Equipment, Pneumatic / Hydraulic Equipments & Tools, Hearing & Ear protection, Rescue Equipment, Rescue Tools, Rope Rescue Systems, Rescue Belts, Safety Equipment, Search Equipment , Spreading Tools, Thermal Imaging Equipment, Water Rescue Equipment, Rescue Boat Winches.

Major Accident Management / Emergency Response Equipment

Ambulance Vehicles, Bomb Handling Equipment, Barriers, Controlled Burning Equipment, Disaster Recovery Planning, Earthquake Safety Equipment & Services, Emergency Lighting, Environmental Systems, First Aid Kit & Equipment, Helicopters, Landing Kits (Portable), Helicopters (Rescue / Firefighting), Rescue Boats / Hovercraft, Shelters & Tents, Stretchers, Sleeping bags, Decontamination suits, Rapid response Kit

Disaster Relief and Assistance, Shelter & Tenting

Command & Controlled Systems, Environmental Systems, Land-Mine Clearance Systems, Location Beacons, Minefield Clearance, Mobile Catering, Mobile Heating & Cooling, Rapid Intervention Vehicles, Respirators, Shelter & Tenting, Toxic Waste Clearance, Water Purification and Supply, Emergency Shelter, Emergency Food & Water Supplies, NGO’s, Training Institutes

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Hospital Response Kit, Ambulance Vehicles & Accessories, Burn Treatment & Kits Supplies, Decontamination / Safety Showers , First Aid Kits & Supplies , Oxygen & Respiratory Equipment & Airlines, Spine board, Stretchers, Telemedicine, Emergency Bags, Emergency Survival Kit, Emergency Accessories Kit.

Extinguishing Systems Fire Fighting

Aerial / Articulated Boom Extinguishing Systems, Compressed Foam Systems, CO2 Gas & Extinguishing Systems, Extinguishers, Extinguishing Agents, Fire Blankets, Fire Extinguishers Service Equipment, Fire Suppression Systems, Foam Agents, Foam Trailers / Trucks, Halon substitute & Systems, Monitors, Sprinklers & Deluge Systems, Water Mist Systems, Aircraft Firefighting, Chemicals (Fire Resistant), Coatings (Fire Resistance), Explosion Protection Systems, Safety Clothing, Passive Fire Protection Systems.


Emergency Communication Systems / Radio Systems, Mobile Command Systems, Radios & Pagers, Software’s

Detection Systems

Alarm Bells, Alarm Detection, Alarm Panels & Accessories, Bomb Detection, Beam, Smoke Detectors, Detector, Fire Detection, Testing Equipment, Detectors (Flame / Spark), Detectors (Hazard / Radiation), Detectors (Heat/ Smoke)

Geographical Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems, Training Institutes,  NGOs, Insurance Companies

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