Development Dialogue 2011

Development Dialogue 2011


About The Event

Now a bi-annual event, the Development Dialogue is the premier event of the Deshpande Foundation. Launched in January 2008 in Hubli, the Development Dialogue occurs in both Hubli and Lowell.

The conference, now in its 4th year, is the Foundation's accomplishes two things. First, to gather together all of our partners and grantees to collectively take stock of our progress and to dialogue about the Sandbox and what we can do moving forward. Secondly, the conference serves as a vehicle for outsiders to learn about development, NGOs | nonprofits, challenges and what type of philanthropy and / or activism they may wish to undertake in. Whether for one or three days, we bring together hundreds of practitioners, academics, investors, grassroots activists, philanthropists and entrepreneurs from across the world. 


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