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Destination Entrepreneur Workshop


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About The Event

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Destination Entrepreneur Workshop


“The most comprehensive entrepreneur workshop offering for learning the practical and proven skills that are needed to build a profitable business”




Dear Friend,

Are you interested in evolving into a successful entrepreneur building and running highly profitable businesses?

If you answered “yes”, here is good news for you.

Entrepreneurship Services Group is launching its operations in India.  To celebrate our launch, we are offering our 2 day high immersion “Destination Entrepreneur Workshop”  at no cost to those interested in making entrepreneurship as their life journey. 

Dates for the Event

  • July 15th 2011: 9 AM – 12:00 PM, 1:00PM – 5:30 PM 
  • July 16th 2011: 9 AM – 12:00 PM, 1:00PM – 4:00 PM 


  • 1st floor, Anshu Colors 
    Plot # 70, Road # 1, 
    Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500 033

 Top 10 benefits from attending “Destination Entrepreneur Workshop”,



Meet and network with like minded aspiring entrepreneurs.  They will be the source of strength in your entrepreneurship journey



Learn why entrepreneurs succeed and fail.  Know what worked. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.



Revealed.  Needed leadership qualities for evolving into a successful entrepreneur.  Leadership qualities form the basis of successful entrepreneurship.  The entrepreneurship journey is full of hurdles. Leadership qualities are your weapons to overcome any hurdles that you might face



Know how to generate business worthy ideas.  Ideas are the initial seeds that create desire in you towards entrepreneurship.  Know how to identify ideas that are business worthy.  Do a reality check on business readiness leveraging our decision making framework



Put a workable business plan around your idea.  Understand key business concepts. Make key business decisions.  Decide on right business model. Know science of pricing. Build plans. Your business plan will serve as a roadmap and help you attract and recruit talent, business partners and investors 



Make your business a reality.  Know business structuring options and impact,  best practices for building products/services,  understand business financing options,  learn how to attract, hire, build and keep great talent



Learn how to attract prospects.   Build Marketing Plans.  Know why customers buy. Customer Relationships. Generate and nurture leads



Learn how to convert prospects into customers and business ambassadors. Sales Models. Sales Management. Sales Process, Sales Support, Customer Loyalty



Meet Successful Entrepreneurs. Know their journeys, get business advise, have your questions answered, find a business mentor 



High Immersion.  Instructor Presentation, student exercises, Lot of collaboration and feedback, Student presentations


 By offering a free event, we have expectations too.

As indicated earlier, we are launching our operations in India.  We want your support, active participation, feedback and testimonials. If you like what we are offering, we anticipate that you will become ambassadors for our business.

The Destination Entrepreneur Workshop will be highly interactive event with lots of collaboration.  To get full value of workshop,

  • Please get a new notebook, pens & pencils and take lot of notes.
  • Participate in the workshop for full duration.  We will be revealing another free offer (SECRET OFFER) worth INR 25,000 that is extremely valuable at the end of workshop.  Only those that attend the full workshop and partcipate well in the workshop will qualify. 
  • Ask lot of questions and collaborate. Offer feedback to your fellow students. Pls. send your top 3 questions by sending an email to  for us to address in the class. Also, email your questions that you might have for our business entrepreneur guests.
  • Do your student exercises and make a final presentation
  • Be flexible on class timings.  We strive to keep times. With good conversations, time flies by
  • Answer any email from Entrepreneur Services Group received after registration

 Reserve your Spot.  Enrollment for “Destination Entrepreneur Workshop” is limited to only 20 clients.

If you have additional questions about “Destination Entrepreneur Workshop”, please send us a email at with subject line Destination Entrepreneur Workshop.


To Your Profitable Future

Nalini Mohan Vanaparthy
Entrepreneur Services Group

Terms and Conditions

  1. Entrepreneur Services Group reserves the right to cancel or change the dates of the event.  In such as a case, Entrepreneur Services Group will notify registrants in advance via email
  2. Entrepreneur Services Group reserves the right to deny admission by cancelling registration for those candidates that do not provide sufficient information or might not have the right profile
  3. Entrepreneur Services Group reserves the right to pick the registrants for extending the secret offer at the end of workshop
  4. Entrepreneur Services Group is not responsible for breakfast,  lunch, snacks, etc. We encourage registrants to make their own arrangements.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Nalini Mohan Vanaparthy

“Fan of Entrepreneurs”

Dr. Nalini Mohan Vanaparthy currently is President of Entrepreneurship Services Group and author of popular Entrepreneurship blog “Success Potential Unleashed”.   His blog aims to unleash success potential of entrepreneurs by providing education, perspectives and insights on all topics relating to entrepreneurship.   Dr. Nalini Mohan’s focus areas for Entrepreneurship include Technology, Technology Adoption, Education, Health Care, Sustainable Energy, Retail and Family Entrepreneurship.  Prior to the current role, Dr. Nalini Mohan worked at IBM and Amcast Automotive.  His work experience spanned  research, product development, manufacturing, consulting, sales and marketing.  He has published papers in peer reviewed international journals and spoke at key IT events. Nalini Mohan. V’s educational qualifications include PhD  and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University and a BE in Mechanical & Production Engineering from Osmania University.

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