Day Workshop - Effective Business Communication Skills At Jaypee Vasant Continental

Day Workshop - Effective Business Communication Skills At Jaypee Vasant Continental


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Day Workshop - Effective Business Communication Skills (A Managerial Course)

In today's dynamic industry, one of the key requirements to become a successful leader and business manager is the ability to communicate. This ability transforms thoughts and ideas into action. Apart from providing visibility in an organization, they serve to help influence an audience and are critical to the decision-making process.

Most people acquire functional skills and become 'good at their jobs'. However, having good communication skills is an essential ingredient in making a mark & career progression to senior management roles.

The business world today is characterized by Information overload and short attention spans. Therefore, it is vital to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively.

It is a 'must have' attribute to get ahead in today's competitive business world. This requires specific skills to be adopted - first through training intervention and then by continuous individual practice.

Excellent business communication skill is a key differentiator - a true leadership skill.

This workshop aims at adding a critical dimension to the manager's repertoire of communication skills, through understanding and application of the communication process.

The experienced professional who needs to be effective, by improving their formal business communication, increasing their ability to instruct, inform or persuade. This workshop is particularly useful for professionals aiming at career growth - where communicating effectively will be an enabler towards career success and assuming leadership roles.

The workshop is interactive and promotes experiential learning through the use of lectures, role plays and classroom exercises - individually & in teams.

Workshop Covers -
The basics of communication -

*Context / comprehensibility / complexity / clarity.

Barriers to communication - Technical & psychological barriers & how to overcome them.

Body language -
*Awareness & how to use it to one's advantage.
*Role play.

Fees and Registration:

The fee which covers breakfast, lunch & tea/coffee as well as reading material, Rs 7,500/- plus service tax @10% and education cess @3% = Rs.8,273 /- per participant. For the organizations sending three and more delegates the fee is Rs. 7,000/- plus service tax @10% Plus education cess @3% = Rs. 7,721 per participant.

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