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Exploring Emotions, Expressions & Transitions
Self-awareness has been highlighted as the most critical aspect of a leader across all times. This also holds true for entrepreneurs and professionals of al

Discovering Self - Exploring Emotions, Expressions and Transitions


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Discovering Self

Exploring Emotions, Expressions & Transitions



Self-awareness has been highlighted as the most critical aspect of a leader across all times. This also holds true for entrepreneurs and professionals of all kind. “Who am I?”, “How did I become the person that I am?” and “What is the purpose of my life?” are existential questions that human beings ask to make sense of their experiences and choices. Discovering Self series of workshops are aimed at creating opportunities to explore these and other existential questions. These explorations would help participants to be comfortable with themselves, identify blocks that prevent one from achieving one’s full potential, find new ways of expression and start a journey towards a life of fulfilment and meaning. As a consequence, one may also learn new skills and perspectives leading to more effective managing of self and relationships at home and at work.  These workshops are fully experiential and facilitators provide a non threatening, non judgemental, safe space for exploring self and others.


Discovering Self – Exploring Emotions, Expressions and Transitions


Emotions are anchors that directly and indirectly influence human beings experience, expression and choice making. Emotions have their roots in physiology, life experiences and the socio-cultural context one is born in. Hence they play a critical role in shaping personality, identity, leadership & decision making styles, preferences and biases, psychological blocks, dreams and aspirations as well as repeating patterns in these. Simply increasing the breath, depth and nuanced experience of emotions and expressions can create more possibilities in a. awareness of multiplicity and simultaneity of self, b. overcoming blocks and repeated patterns, c. new ways of perceiving reality, d. facing difficult situations, and e. new ways of expression, relating and choice making. This would also be the first step to a holistic, integrated view of life.




The workshop is totally experiential and there would be many theatre and art based sessions, helping participants to have fun, learn and integrate learning with ease. Working with body is an essential part of this program.




  •        Explore breadth, depth and variety of your emotions
  •        Experiment with new ways of expressing yourself                                                 
  •        Identify and overcome blocks to expression
  •        Find new ways of facing difficult interpersonal situations
  •        Improve your ability to influence others and the context
  •        Explore the nature of personal and professional transitions
  •        Identify and overcome fears of transition
  •        Increase repertoire of expressions & behaviours – find FLOW




Prof. S. Jeyavelu (Anchor and Facilitator)

Ms. Preeti Birla Nair (Co-facilitator)




Email for any further details                  




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Facilitators Profile




Prof. S. Jeyavelu




Prof Jeyavelu, is a trained process facilitator and an academician. He is passionate about supporting people achieve their full potential.




Basically an engineer, he has completed his Fellow Program in Management from IIM Ahmedabad and worked in IIM Kozhikode for five years as full time faculty and continues as adjunct professor conducting PGP, FPM, ePGP and MDPs. He has more than fifteen years of academic and corporate experience. He is an expert onTheatre based training interventions (conducts Discovering Leadership for corporates and as Discovering Self for MBA students and executives), creativity (conducts open MDPs with other faculty colleagues at IIMK and IIM Ahmedabad, in company programs and student workshops), process facilitation (consults with organizations), leadership development, OD interventions, coaching leaders and entrepreneurs and so on. He is also an advisor in a few start-ups, educational institutions (school and college), and NGOs. He is an active role holder and Fellow of Sumedhas Academy for Human Context, which conducts various types of personal growth labs and meta labs, and internship in process work. He is also a trained yoga teacher.




Ms. Preeti Birla Nair




Preeti has two decades of experience as an HR professional spanning India and Singapore. She is an alumnus of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, with qualifications and certifications in various HR functions. She consults with organizations on effectiveness of HR functions, Leadership Development and Coaches executives. She is an expert in playback theatre and is passionate about taking theatre to people across all walks of life.






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