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MICROSOFT.NET  Online & Classroom Training is allocating by SBR Trainings from Hyderabad. We are providing Instructor lead training. They’ve 7+ years of experience in Real time and also we providing live interaction with instructor by 24*7. From our institute pupils can expect services like Course Content, Live Recording Sessions, time flexibility, and live project with assistance, course materials along with Hospitality. 

MICROSOFT.NET  is open source software, it is developed with java framework for processing Large amount of Data sets.

Main concepts in Course:

The .NET Framework – Introduction

Installing - Visual Studio.NET 2010 - IDE

C#.NET - Language Basics

C#.NET - Console Applications

Compiling and Building Projects - (Implement 24 Programs)

C#.NET - Control Statements

Logical Programs - Psedocodes , Programs - 1

C#.NET - Procedures and Functions

C#.NET - Arrays

C#.NET - Object-Oriented Programming

Adding Variables and Methods

C#.NET - Shared/Static Members

C#.Net - Constructors and Destructors

Polymorphism - Static

C#.NET Inheritance - Simple, Multilevel, Hierarchical

Diamond Problem - multiple Inheritances versus Interface

C#.Net - Delegates

C#.Net - Exception Handling

C#.Net - Win Forms

Menus and Context Menus

Drag base versus Code Base Designing Control

MS - SQL Server 2008 - Quick Tour

Create Real time databases - Bank, College, Super Market

C#.NET - ADO.Net Framework

Working with Prepared Statements

 Developing 3 Tier and N-Tier Architecture Application (Industrial)

Client versus Server

ASP.NET Basic Controls

ASP.NET State Management

ASP.NET Web Services

ASP.NET Master Pages, Skins, Themes

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