Cross Platform Application Development

Cross Platform Application Development


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About The Event

Department of Computer Science & Engineering of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University is conducting a National level Workshop on Cross Platform Application Development in association with NIIT Kukatpally.

Cross-platform, multi-platform, or platform independent are the concepts that are implemented and inter-operate on multiple computer platforms.For example, a cross-platform application may run on Microsoft Windows OS, Linux and Mac OS X on either the PowerPC or Apple Macintosh systems. Cross-platform programs may run on as many as all existing platforms, or on as few as two platforms.
As the market temperature for cross-platform tools (CPTs) continues its steep climb into hotter territory, it’s understandable why many feel we are witnessing a fragmentation that is perhaps much larger and more significant than the recent wars waged over the desktop. If this fragmentation tells us anything, it’s that cross-platform tools for application development are often not a “one-size-fits-all” solution – and that there are numerous veteran users of these tools that do not believe the problem has been solved as well as it could be….yet.
The workshop is about development of an application which can be used on multiple platforms and discussing its trends, impacts in present and future world. Also student will know the impact of cross platform technology on global village. The contents of the workshop will be :-
-->Present/future trends&impacts
-->Java the ultimate Warrior/Survivor 
-->Technologies Advantages of Cross platform in global Enterprise Application Scenario
-->Power of Cross platform Demonstration on Different API, Tools/Platform
-->Future Belongs to java

Any technical or non technical student of any branch can attend the workshop as application(mobile/desktop/web-based) is familiar to everyone. The speaker of the workshop is Oracle certified expert from NIIT Kukatpally.
Certificates will be awarded to everyone from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTUH) & NIIT Kukatpally.


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