Conversation with Entrepreneur - Vinay Bharadwaj

Conversation with Entrepreneur - Vinay Bharadwaj


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About Preneur-

Preneur is a one-of-a-kind platform for individuals who want to transform their ideas into a business.

However, the main concern for creative ecosystem in India remained - how do we take fields and professions that exist in silos and bring them together as a large community; a creative force that ignites the cultural growth of the country?

What we needed was to create a space where this community can come together to cross-pollinate ideas and initiate a dialogue about the business of creation and creativity.

At Preneur, attendees can choose from a variety of workshops, attend master classes and panel discussions with creative geniuses from across the world, meet and network with like-minded people and be an integral part of this thriving culture.

About Vinay Bharadwaj-
A banker from Singapore, a fashion entrepreneur from Bangalore, and a versatile show host of the trending youtube searies 'Lets Talk with Vinay'

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