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Conference on Winning Strategies for Sustainable Development-06th May, 2011


About The Event

Sustainable Development has become a priority for businesses across the globe. To be a responsible part of India’s growth story, organizations are ensuring that economic goals necessarily include considerations for social well-being and environmental protection. This triple bottom line approach is driving strong and sustained partnerships among Businesses, Governments, and NGOs to improve the environment, strengthen economic foundations, and enhance the living conditions of people. Today, businesses will have to develop effective tools and strategies for sustainable development if they wish to stay relevant in a global market place and translate improved sustainability performance into enhanced business performance.

Conference Agenda

 0900 – 1000 hrs: Registration

1000 – 1100 hrs    
Inaugural Session: Winning Strategies for Sustainable Development
India’s rapid economic growth in the recent years has brought enormous opportunities and associated challenges. In addition to the economic prosperity and an improved business climate, it also presents risks and challenges related to industrialization, infrastructure development, environmental degradation, accelerated depletion of natural resources and equitable distribution of wealth. The current paradigm of rapid economic growth along with the need of conserving the natural & ecological resources and human well-being at large calls for a sustainability approach of doing business, wherein business success is measured not only in terms of its financial bottom line, but also in terms of its performance in social and environmental areas.  Sustainable Development has become a priority for businesses across the globe and organizations need to develop effective sustainable development strategies, and incorporate them in to every business operation and development proposal while aggressively pursuing opportunities for growth.

Welcome Address: Gautam Thapar
                            President, AIMA and
                            Chairman & CEO, The Avantha Group
Keynote Address: Nick Main
                          Global Leader-Sustainability & Climate Change Services
                          Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, London (UK)

Inaugural Address: Jairam Ramesh
                            Minister of State (IC) for Environment & Forests
                            Government of India
Interaction with Audience
Vote of Thanks: Rekha Sethi
                       Director General
                       All India Management Association

1100 – 1130 hrs: Tea/Coffee
1130 – 1245 hrs    
Plenary Session 1: Sustainable Development: Managing the Opportunities and    Challenges of Tomorrow
A truly successful business is one that achieves a sustainable balance between its own interests and those of society and the environment. This presents greater need for businesses to address the challenges of sustainable development to help manage strategic, business, and reputational risks and capture the benefits of both adopting a sustainability agenda and reporting on their progress.  Sustainable development also presents organizations and businesses with opportunities to modernize and innovate thus enabling them to be more competitive and enhance value for their shareholders.  Winning strategies for sustainable development requires a well-defined vision, management support, and a flexible mind-set to address emerging challenges in a responsible manner and should be resilient to changes in societal expectations, legal requirements, and business considerations. This session involves organizational strategy makers, who delve in to management approaches for effective planning and implementation of sustainable development strategies in a continuously changing world.
Chairman: PR Shukla*
                Professor Public Systems Group
                IIM Ahmedabad

Speakers: Avinash Patkar
               Chief Sustainability Officer
               Tata Power

                   Beroz Gazdar*
               Vice President – Group Sustainability
               Mahindra & Mahindra
                   Ganesh Tripathy*
               Head - Safety, Environment, Sustainability & SHE Cluster Head
               Hindustan Unilever
Interaction with Audience

1245 – 1345 hrs: Lunch
1345 – 1500 hrs    
Plenary Session 2: Win-Win Sustainability Strategies for Business: Shared Value Creation for Business and Community
In India, there is a growing awareness among organizations that their reputation in the long run hinges on the ability to develop effective strategies for sustainable development.  Alliances are being developed between companies and non-governmental organizations to develop livelihood, education, health, infrastructure, and agriculture initiatives in both urban and rural areas. The common perception now is that communities need business and vice versa and one cannot maximize success without the other. Businesses are fast realizing the fact that improved sustainability performance can translate into enhanced business performance. This session will analyze business contributions to sustainable development and showcase case studies of the successful implementation of sustainable development partnerships and the nature and extent of shared value generated.

Chairman: Aswath Damodaran
                Professor Economics & Social Sciences
                IIM Bangalore

Speakers: R Palaniappan*
               Senior General Manager - SHE
               Sanmar Group

                   DK Mane
               General Manager - Health, Safety, Security & Environment
               Bharat Petroleum Corporation
Interaction with Audience

Concluding Remarks
1500 hrs: Conference Concludes with Tea/Coffee

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