Come Alive - where does my energy go

Come Alive - where does my energy go


  • Come Alive

    "where does my energy go"- so much to be taken care of and so little gets done. Create a dynamic system that works for you. This might be an interesting inner map, a path finder. The mess inside you is a magical maze of possibilities.

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Come alive
Topic - Where does my energy go?

So much to be taken care of.
And so little gets done.
Where does all my energy go?
Where do I get energy from?

Valid concerns in an age where opportunities are too many. However, there are few paths that offer lasting clarity. Create a dynamic system that works for you. If you have been feeling lost. This might be an interesting inner map - path finder. The mess inside you is a magical maze of possibilities.

A journey to discover the inner life of the human being that you are. Gaining a greater awareness to harness the abilities of our human form. Dipping into a richer calm to fulfil the potential of our human mind. Liberating ourselves from the constructs that have been binding our spirit.

Together we will be enquiring, learning to observe, having a dialouge, beginning to laugh, drawing inspiration from, sharing experiences, practiscing listening, exploring simple energy tools, shifting perspectives all by being just ourselves. The workshop is a naturally unfolding process.

If this is calling you then act now. Be willing to dive deep into you to discover hidden treasures. Burst open with joy. Bring the best of you into your life. It is time to COME ALIVE.
Connect with us on 9246805664.

Date - 12 March 2016
Timing - 10 am to 6 pm
Venue - Vision Rainbow
Energy exchange - 3300 (for individuals) 2200 per person (for a group of 3 people)


Your COME ALIVE life coach in this workshop series will be Nausheen Ahmed. She is most certainly a living and complex reality. She describes herself at best as unpredictable. Someone who has been deeply interested in human development and behavior, she loves to toy with the mysteries of life. She has found herself as a cocreative force of a new age method of real world education. You are most Welcome to Vision Rainbow . Our collective prayer that children have all their rights met and bring forth a better human reality as they grow and gain in stature.

This workshop is a derivative of our ongoing research. It is a rich culmination of study and experience. It will awaken facets of you that you may not have known existed. It has the potential to help you feel, deal and heal many of your long pending emotional fears and failures. Your lifecoach is a natural at helping you see more deeply simply by willing to do so herself. Your journey during this workshop is destined to be an adventure of sorts. We cant wait to get the going. Join in for the sake of your heart that would like to feel more glee and glory than you have allowed it to. Connect with us on 9246805664

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