Coat Inks Today, Chennai, 6th to 8th May 2011

Coat Inks Today, Chennai, 6th to 8th May 2011


About The Event

Coat Inks Today 2011 is a premier expo for the Ink industry that offers key professionals in the coating and ink industries to source for products, services and supplies to understand the new technology in the industry, to network and develop business contacts.

Coat Inks Today 2011, scheduled for 6, 7 & 8th May 2011 at Chennai Trade Centre will present the latest technology in coating and Ink industry covering the needs of suppliers and consumers from the Ink industry.

Coat Inks Today 2011, is being held concurrent to N Printech Today and Paper Today. Where N Printech is an Exhibition for the Next generation printing technology excompassing all the innovations and technology available in the contemporary printing industry. PaperX is an Exhibition for the Pulp, Paper and Board Technology, Printing & Products.

Indian Ink industry:

The size of the Indian Market for Printing Inks Industry is estimated to be approximately Rs.1800 – 2000 crores (US Dollars 400 Million) today, and is expected to grow at between 12 – 15% annually in volume terms. The CAGR of this industry over the last year was between 10% to 12%. In terms of tonnage of ink manufactured in India, it is estimated to be 110 million tonnes. The ink demand in the Newspaper Industry grew rapidly over the past 3 – 4 years by nearly 20%. In spite of the global meltdown, the newspaper industry has grown nearly 25% in readership.

The Indian Packaging Industry which is another main consumer of printing ink, has witnessed a growth of approximately 12.5% and the corrugated packing industry grew by over 8%. The flexible packaging growth is in excess of 15% with the expansion of the food and retail industry.

Another area of high growth rates is expected in the Can Coating segment which is presently at 3 – 4% growth but is expected to show an increase when more food products like meats and seafood are increasingly packaged and the beverage industry expands with increase in consumption of Sodas, Soft Drinks, Tea, Coffee and Beer.

Indian screen printing industry is showing steady growth trends as there is more demand from the retail segment for POPs, Signage, etc. In the industrial screen printing segment the growth comes from applications in the automotive segment. The Electronic Industry has special demands for inks for PCBs, Membranes and Touch Panels, etc. The Inkjet ink requirement in India is expanding exponentially with the rapid increase in the population of Digital Printers both Solvent and UV based. Though the majority of inks for this industry is presently imported, there is a growing number of local inks manufacturers who have started offering products to replace imported inks.

The Future of Indian Ink Industry is very promising, keeping the historical trends in mind the Indian Ink industry is expected to grow above 10% going forward.

Exhibit Profile:

 Bearing & accessories
 Resellers from related industries like:

Visitor Profile:

 News Paper industry 
 Web offset industry 
 Sheet Fed Offset industry 
 Flexographic Industry 
 Gravure Industry 
 Screen Printing Industry 
 Inkjet industy 
 Marking and Coding industry 
 UV coating industry 
 Industries requiring Specialty Inks




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