Book Online Tickets for Cloud Computing Technology Series @ Bang, Bengaluru. Cloud Storage: Latest Trends and Technologies and Opportunities for Startups and Early Stage Companies to Succeed in this SpaceThis evening event is part of IBF Media’s Technology Series on Cloud Computing. An eminent and astute panel will focu

Cloud Computing Technology Series @ Bangalore on 22th Feb 2011


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About The Event

Cloud Storage: Latest Trends and Technologies and Opportunities for Startups and Early Stage Companies to Succeed in this Space

This evening event is part of IBF Media’s Technology Series on Cloud Computing.
An eminent and astute panel will focus on trends and technologies in cloud storage and discuss how organizations have effectively deployed cloud storage technologies in their organizations, and how SMB organizations can effectively take advantage of the cloud for storage.   Some of the advantages and risks will be highlighted as well as a thesis will be developed for how entrepreneurs can develop companies and create effective business models that could lead to success in the cloud storage space.

List of Speakers 
Dr. Debanjan Saha, Director of Storage Cloud and File Solutions in IBM's Systems and Technology Group .
Dr Saha is an innovator and an entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in Storage and Networking industry. He is currently Director of Storage Cloud and File Solutions in IBM's Systems and Technology Group. In this role he leads a world-wide team responsible for development execution of Cloud Storage Solutions and products including Storwize V7000, SONAS and SAN Volume Controller (SVC). Previously, he was with IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in various management and technical roles. He also spent several years in Tellium Inc., an optical networking pioneer that he helped grow from an early-stage startup to a public company. 

Dr. Saha is a Fellow of the IEEE, a Distinguished Scientist of the ACM, and an IBM Master Inventor. He has authored more than 50 patent applications, over technical 75 papers and standards contributions and is a recipient of IEEE's prestigious Fred W. Ellerscik and William R. Bennett awards. He received a B.Tech. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kharagpur in 1990; and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1992 and 1995, respectively.

Sundara Nagarajan ,Director of R&D, Storage Works Division Hewlett-Packard CompanySundara Nagarajan ("SN") is currently Director of R&D for the shared software engineering lab of the Storage Works Division, Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking. He is based in Bangalore, India. His lab contributes to the R&D programs, in the broad technical domain of virtualized and network attached storage.
Previously he was Distinguished Technologist and Director of R&D responsible for R&D management of systems software components for enterprise-class servers and server management products. 

Prior to joining HP, he held positions at Wipro, Philips, and entrepreneurial startups. He also did R&D assignments at Intel, Tandem (now part of HP) and Xerox Corporation. 

He also serves as a Visiting Professor at International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore and teaching Advanced Operating Systems for graduate students.

SN is an IT product R&D executive with over 27 years of experience in systems software for products computer systems, operating systems internals and embedded systems striking the appropriate balance between technology and business aspects. Well experienced with all aspects of systems and software R&D, product architectures, life cycle, innovation management, program and project management. 

SN was topper from the university while earning his graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calicut. He holds M.S. (By Research) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He is a Certified ScrumMaster, Senior Member of the IEEE and Member of the ACM.

Niranjan Thirumale : Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the EMC India Center of Excellence (COE).
Niranjan Thirumale, in this role incubates advanced research and technology development projects within the India COE and raises the technical capabilities of the organization by working closely with EMC's leadership.

Thirumale also works with EMC’s Office of the CTO, led by Jeff Nick, EMC Sr. VP and Corporate CTO, on global technology initiatives at the India COE such as university research collaborations through the EMC Innovation Network. Thirumale also a member of EMC’s CTO council. Prior to joining EMC's India COE, Niranjan had worked at NetApp as the founding member and technical leader of its Advanced Technology Group in India. 

He also worked at IBM (NYSE:IBM) for over eight years in the US. Niranjan is a Engineer in Computer Science from IIT, Chennai, holds an MS Degree and Ph.D (in File Systems) from State University of New York at Stony Brook.


6:30pm-7:00pm      Registration& Networking
7:00pm-9:00pm     Program Discussion
9:00pm-9:20pm      Q&A Session   
9:20pm-10:30pm    Networking & Dinner

Target Audience:

IT professionals, CIOs, CTOs, senior and mid-level managers of technology and technology services organizations, venture and technology investors, professionals from IT outsourcing firms and system integrators, and practice leaders in IT services firms.


Cloud storage is a model of networked online storage where data is stored on multiple virtual servers, generally hosted by third parties, rather than being hosted on dedicated servers.
Hosting companies operate large data centers; and people who require their data to be hosted, buy or lease storage capacity from them, using it for their own storage needs.
The data center operators, in the background, virtualize the resources according to the requirements of the customer , exposing  them as storage pools, for customers to proprietary files or data objects.

Physically, the resource may span across multiple servers. Cloud storage services may be accessed through a web service application programming interface (API), or through a Web-based user interface. 

The following are some attributes:

 Companies need only pay for the storage they actually use.
 Companies do not need to install physical storage devices in their own data center or offices, which reduces IT and hosting costs.
 Storage maintenance tasks, such as backup, data replication, and purchasing additional storage devices are offloaded to the responsibility of a service provider, allowing organizations to focus on their core business.
 Security of stored data and data in transit may be a concern when storing sensitive data at a cloud storage provider
 Performance may be lower than local storage.
 Reliability and availability depends on wide area network availability and on the level of precautions taken by the service provider.

Rajesh Itagi ,Director, Services Sales, Hitachi Data Systems, India

Rajesh Itagi has more than 20 years of industry experience that includes presales, team management, consulting, engineering, customer support and project management.  Has In-depth knowledge on storage, security and enterprise management solutions. Worked with leading IT majors like Wipro Infotech, Sun Microsystems and EMC Data Storage systems.

In the current role as the Director, Services Sales at Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), Rajesh Itagi drives Hitachi Data Systems services offerings which include assessment and consulting, managed services and cloud computing solutions. He is responsible for providing consulting services on information infrastructure management, transformation and optimization services. Works closely with the Service Providers to build Cloud computing solutions for customers.

 K Shyaam Sunder : Chief Knowledge Officer,  Ramco Systems Limited.

K. Shyaam Sunder has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Over years, he has played a variety of roles such as consulting, sales, product management, and practice management. He has honed his skills through successful participation in solution co-creation, by abstraction and application from the deliveries of industry experts and colleagues, and business oriented reading.

His primary interest is to acquire and disseminate knowledge and enable the process of monetization of such knowledge.

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