Charlottes Web _Poetry Writing Workshop for Children

Charlottes Web _Poetry Writing Workshop for Children


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About The Event

What is the workshop about?
Charlotte’s web is a series of workshops that would assist children to put words to their thoughts, ideas and their imagination. The emphasis would be on encouraging them to explore their imagination and use it in their writing
This is the first workshop in this series and it focuses on poetry.
What topics will we cover?
Children will be exposed to poetry from various authors. Children will be encouraged to talk about those poetry. This will help them develop their own thoughts about poetry. They will go through writing exercises in which they will write sequence poetry, and square poetry. This will provide them with an idea about structures and forms in poems.
What should the child know?
The age group is 8 and above. The child should be able to write on its own.
How will the children be taught?
We prefer to use the term facilitation. The child would be exposed to the different ideas. They will be provided stimulation and opportunities to explore and implement what they are learning. We will have individual and team based activities.
What will my child gain out of this workshop?
Children will be exposed to poetry as something that they can read, write and appreciate. They will also be exposed to some tools that can be used while writing poetry. This workshop will serve as a platform to express their imagination and ideas

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