Chala Mussadi Hero Banane - Play At Alliance Francaise de Delhi

Chala Mussadi Hero Banane - Play At Alliance Francaise de Delhi


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Chala Mussadi Hero Banane - Play. Written & Directed by: Yasin Khan.

Cast: Raja Chaudhary, Shalu Chaudhary, Pankaj Parashar, Chetan Sharma, Amar Tiwari & Mohit Dubey.

About the Play:
When a thought taking form in a writer's mind, unease and agitate him to an extent that it takes form of words on a paper, then, is formed a play, 'Chala Musaddi Hero Banne' is also a comic- satire which not only formed a drama but also prepares audience for the social agitation. The play's story is as following.

Musaddi Lal is a common man living in a locality, but ingenuous and honest. Helps people in there bad times, and solve many of the locality's problems by going to the concerned department. Because of all this, he becomes hero of his locality, but a nuisance for some people.builder mafias intimidates him and told him to prepare a bief becomes he is going to die and they are not going to for sine him. Hard-pressed by the intimidations, one day musaddi in actual, brings a beef and keeps it outside his house and goes to sleep in his room. Seeing the beef, people think that mussadi had passed away. And his wife, who has first came back from temple, understands the same by seeing a beef and crowd outside the house and everyone stands blubbering. The names of mussadi's death spreads like fire in the whole locality, and then local leader gareeb das gets his news. Instantaneously, he calls for a meeting of his people. He wants to know who killed mussadi. But nobody accept it. Now, Gareeb das is frightened, because he could get accused of musaddi's death. Because he had been in many arguments and conflicts with musaddi for many propositions. He and the people under his departments has troubled musaddi differently, of which everyone bones. Netaji;s stooge panday ji advises him that before people call into question him, he should to musaddi;s house and do an act of sympathy and should give a lot of money to musaddi's wife as will muzzle people and netaji will get acclamation. Netaji does the same. He makes big proclamations going to musaddi's house, gives reparation, . even changes locality's name to Musaddi Lal Nagar. Chokle Lalwants to encash this opportunity by calling press conference. But, everything fails. Because, musaddi is alive!. Now, what will happen next.. .?

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Tickets @ Rs 200, 300, 400/-

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