Carte Blanche 2011

Carte Blanche 2011


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Have you been a part of Carte Blanche series earlier?

Hurray !  Carte Blanche `11 is on its way now  to rock again!!
  Feb 5th and 6th, 2011

:-) CB`11 – launched to fly higher than any of its like. :-)
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*Wat's tis Carte Blanche ?

  Carte Blanche is an annual free software fest organized by Computer  Society of MIT since 2005.(Carte Blanche => Full Powers) True to its dictionary meaning , this festival has always been a reflection of the complete zeal and enthusiasm of all its organizers and participants as well.

We promise CB `11 will be a perfect platform

    * to display the  prowess of the  budding software engineers from  across the country in the various fields of  computing

    * to explore, cherish and rejoice our tharaka mantra – Free Software

* RMS @ CB !
Wishes from Richard Matthew Stallman, the founder of F   SF and the GNU project -

I thank all the students who have help ed to hold the Carte Blanche 07 ev ent. Teaching other students and the general public,to appreciate the freedom that free softw are provides is vital if freedom is to prevail. The social mission of a school is to teach of a free society. In the computing field, this means teaching them to be users of free software. The entire university ought to do this. Your dedication can bring this about.

Carte Blanche ’10 witnessed RMS interacting with the students through audio conferencing and a  pre-recorded video of his talk.

 *CB `11 EVENTS  :

A single click on the event’s name listed below can answer many of your 'What's and 'How's !

And a couple more of clicks will surely convince you to register right now for the mega event :)

    * Configure It
    * Debugging
    * Design Contest
    * Hanging Quiz
    * Juggernaut
    * Make It
    * Online Puzzle
    * OPC
    * Software Exploration
    * Tech Quiz
    * Web Designing
    * μPro

What Next? Register- Participate- Learn more & Win loads.


This is the the key part of the fest, where students from various colleges, FOSS clubs and GNU/Linux user groups exhibit

Carte Blanche `11 is not any usual technical symposium, its all about spreading the motto 'Free Software' to all. How can it then stop with only events & prizes? Even more surprises await!

* Demos

This is the the key part of the fest, where students from various colleges, FOSS clubs and GNU/Linux user groups exhibit the power of Free Software by demonstrating the features of Free Software – let it be a multimedia application, a programming tool, a circuit simulator, an animation software or any software for any domain.
Whatever be your level of experience with Free Software, this place has something more to add
To present a demo at Carte Blanche, contact cb AT csmit DOT org

* Workshops

Wanna get through the cutting edge technologies? Crave to expertise on the recent releases?Carte Blanche offers you with opportunities to quench your thirst!!Workshops at Carte Blanche focuses on providing the participants a hands on experience  under the guidance of reputed individuals. We promise you to provide a platform that is mind sharpening yet a pleasurable experience.

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