CLOUD COMPUTING/SALES FORCE Online  Training DEMO  is Provided  by SBR Trainings from Hyderabad.

CLOUD COMPUTING/SALES FORCE Online Training DEMO is Provided by SBR Trainings from Hyderabad.


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CLOUD COMPUTING/SALES FORCE Online & Classroom Training is Provided  by SBR Trainings from Hyderabad. We are providing Instructor lead training. They’ve 7+ years of experience in Real time and also we providing live interaction with instructor by 24*7. From our institute students  can expect resources  like Course Content, Live Recording Sessions, time flexibility, and live project with assistance, course materials along with Hospitality. 

Sales force management systems are information systems used in CRM marketing and management that help automate some sales andsales force management functions. They are often combined with a marketing information system, in which case they are often called customer relationship management (CRM) systems.


Course detailes:-
Part#1: CRM Fundamentals
Introduction to CRM
Introduction to Sales Cycle
Understanding the terminologies of CRM
Introduction to SFDC
Understanding the workflow of SFDC with a real time example

Part#2: SFDC Basics and Development
Understanding the terms in SFDC
Introduction to SFDC Editions
Creating Objects, Tabs and Apps in SFDC
Creating layouts and applying hierarchy
Creating roles and profiles
Creating workflow rules
Creating Tasks and Events
Understanding the SFDC admin system
Creating relationships between the objects

Part#3: SFDC Advanced Development
Invoking Apex
Creating Apex Classes and triggers
Customization using Apex programming
Integration to third party systems using SFDC AP
Introduction to Visual Force
Creating Visual Force pages
Creating Packages
Deploying SFDC
Using Visual Force in a real time scenario
Creating Reports and Dashboards
How CRM is useful in Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing etc



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