Business Plan for Entrepreneurs - Kolkata - 21st August

Business Plan for Entrepreneurs - Kolkata - 21st August


About The Event

Do you want to start your own venture?

Have a great idea but cannot articulate it in a formal document?

Dont know what investors look for in a business plan?

Business Plan is the key element for an entrepreneur in the lifecycle of his/her startup. It is required to communicate the essential elements of the business to investors, employees and key customers. This workshop is aimed at helping all entrepreneurs create a formal business plan for their business.

The workshop will follow below agenda:

9.30 AM - 10 AM - Introductions
10 AM - 11 AM - Key elements of business plan - financials, marketing, team, assumptions
11 AM - 12.30 PM - Standard formats for presentation, excel and word templates
12.30 PM - 1.30 PM - Dos and donts, Common mistakes in a business plan
1.30 PM - 2.30 PM - Lunch
2.30 PM - 5 PM - Hands on session and review - make your own business plan under expert guidance

You also get a chance to learn from successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Our Experts

Amit Grover, Founder, Nurture Talent Academy

Vivek Bajaj, Founder, Kredent Academy

Lalit Chetani, Subhkam Ventures

About Kredent Academy

Kredent Academy (, winner of Gurukul award 2009,  is a leader in providing  Finance & Stock Market Training and offers various career, preparatory and knowledge based courses. There is a strong prevalent disconnect with respect to the value that vocational courses add to the career of an individual. This results in a wide gap between graduates and employable graduates. Kredent Academy emphasizes the need and relevance of structured real life training modules in multiple business verticals.

About Nurture Talent Academy

Nurture Talent Academy (, is India's 1st training institute for entrepreneurs. It is founded by Amit Grover, an IIT Delhi and IIM Indore alumnus, and has conducted over 25 programs across 7 cities attended by 340 entrepreneurs. 

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