Bring Your Whole Self to Work on 24th july 2010 - Mumbai

Bring Your Whole Self to Work on 24th july 2010 - Mumbai


About The Event

Development of any interpersonal skill is a game of contact. It needs to be acquired and followed up with enhanced interaction with colleagues and bosses. One needs to discuss one’s improvement priority with those they work with closely. The change always has to align with the company’s values and vision. We work closely with organisations and work on giving them a 360 degree feedback.


Handling pressure from your superiors

Enhance your focus

How communication is lost in the digital era

Creating human moments at work

Become a Corporate Athlete 

Attain your ideal performance state

Our workshop highlights:



Confidence Building

Leadership skills and Team building

Time Management

Behaviour and Personality enhancement

Stress Management


Winning skills

Presentation Skills

Business English Communication

Conflict Resolution

Self Awareness

Decision Making

No to Negativity

Interpersonal Communication

Selling Tips

Diversity Training


Basics of Company Law:

GST (Sales - VAT and Service Tax) 

Indian Contract Act

Indian Partnership Act

Accounting Standards


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