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About The Event

ThoughtWorks is a top end global IT consultancy that delivers custom applications and provides consulting grounded in reality. We help organizations become efficient through Agile principles and Lean practices. In India, we operate out of Bangalore, Pune and Chennai and have opened up our new office at Gurgaon.

We are delighted to invite you to the 2nd edition of the BizTech Live series of seminars at Delhi. We have two excellent talks lined up for this luncheon event.

About BizTech Live

BizTech Live is a seminar series for technologists, sponsored by ThoughtWorks. This is a forum for technophiles to exchange ideas, collaborate and network with like-minded people in the technology community.


10:30 am Registration, Coffee & Introductions

11:00 am Talk#1 by Anand Viswanath followed by Q&A

12:00 Noon Talk#2 by Mark Needham followed by Q&A

01:00 pm Lunch & Networking

How do Agile Development practices really work? - Anand Viswanath

What does it mean to work in an environment where customer focus is key and delivery is the cynosure of all energies? How does a developer work in an environment where Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development and Domain Specific Languages are sacrosanct? You will learn what it means to be a hands on developer on an Agile team and gain deep insights of Xtreme Programming practices, which have been religiously followed in ThoughtWorks teams across the globe. The session will also help you understand the practice styles adopted by Agile teams working with different constraints.

Applying Functional Programming approaches in Object Oriented Languages - Mark Needham

Functional programming is 'in' and several of the additions to C# 3 allow us to write code in a functional way. On the other hand with an imperative language like C#, an OO approach is useful for allowing us to break down complex problems into manageable chunks. We start with the basics and look at how complex techniques can be used to simplify some traditional OO patterns. We will also discuss how support for functional approaches came about and take a look at some negative effects of exposing functional ideas in an OO code base.

Speaker Profiles

Anand Viswanath currently works at ThoughtWorks as an Agile Coach and a Project Manager. In his 8 years of experience, he has been part of many XP teams working as a Developer, Coach and a Project Manager. A strong believer in Lean and Agile, you can find more about him at his blog or on twitter

Mark Needham is an Application Developer at ThoughtWorks where he has worked for the last 4 years. He has worked on Java, C#, Ruby and is passionate about blogging, developer testing, build automation and Object Orientated code using Domain Driven Design principles.

Who Should Attend

Senior Software Engineers, Project Managers Tech Leads, Software Architects

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