Best Practices Meet 2010 - 28 July - Bangalore

Best Practices Meet 2010 - 28 July - Bangalore


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Best Practices Meet 2010 - 28 July - Bangalore

DSCI is happy to announce the second workshop on Best Practices for Data Protection on the 28 July 2010 at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. In the first workshop held in August 2009, DSCI had introduced its frameworks and best practices. We focused on information visibility across the organization, to help generate risk-based assessment. This was made possible by the DSCI Approach that had a set of security principles as its starting point. DSCI Security Framework (DSF) and DSCI Privacy Framework (DPF) along with their associated best practices were the outcome. This approach has helped bring about dynamism into security to enable an organization respond to ever increasing threats, while reducing bulkiness in the security programs.  The methodology that has been developed along with DSF is based on these very principles. The result is a unique framework with best practices that are based on the learnings of ISO27001, and FISMA implementation among others. Compliance with regulations is the outcome of DSF, and not its starting point. It was gratifying to receive a favorable response from analysts, clients and service providers. 

Privacy protection, as part of data protection, has been specifically emphasized through DPF, which has its own set of best practices and privacy principles so as to be in conformance with the regulations of countries where our clients are located. Best practice case studies where DSCI implementation has been piloted will be showcased in the event.

This meet will focus on addressing the security challenges, which are becoming more complex in the wake of evolving threat scenarios; compliance regulations that are becoming more stringent. How should the security organization respond with organizational boundaries disappearing; how should it structure itself to respond effectively? It will also give an opportunity to interact with the leaders in security and understand the practices that are evolving to address specific challenges. They deliberate on different approaches that are being adopted either while implementing technologies or establishing processes.

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