Baadshah-e-Maushiqi - Rafi Sirf Rafi

Baadshah-e-Maushiqi - Rafi Sirf Rafi


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  Baadshah-e-Maushiqi - Rafi Sirf Rafi

          Songs of Mohd. Rafi

“Badshah-e-Mausiqui Rafi-sirf-Rafi-5” is the name of the music show which will happen in Kamani Auditorium to commemorate the 31st Death Anniversary of legend playback singer Mohd Rafi. Some splendid performances will be given by the various singers from Delhi on this occassion. The main singers of the evening would be Mr. G B Mathur (by profession he is a lawyer) and Delhi based leading female singer Ms. Vandana Bhardwaj. So both will lead the show with some other amateur singers, which will start at 7 PM sharp at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi on 30th July 2011.  It would be a  blend of professionals and amateurs but will be  very difficult to distinguish between their skill levels. The show would glitter due to an excellent choreography including the lights’ effect with professional orchestra group from Delhi by the name of Do-re-me.  A very professional Delhi based organiser of the show is Ms. Kavita Pradhan of Entertainment Planet, who is organising this event.


Mr. Rajan Nanda, Chairman & Managing Director of Escorts Limited will be the Chief Guest of the show.

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Org. by Entertainment Planet.

Date: Sat.30 Jul, 11

Time: 19:00

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