Mumbai Workshop - Defeating the Blue Whale Game Challenge

Mumbai Workshop - Defeating the Blue Whale Game Challenge


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About The Event

Considering the gravity of this Social Media Phenomenon, it is with concern and a sense of urgency that the Workshop ‘Defeating the Blue Whale Game Challenge’ designed for Teachers and Parents has been launched under the aegis of Institutional Excellence Forum (IEF), a not-for-profit organization specializing in various Behaviour, Competency and Dominant Influences led student-focused solutions catering to Schools, Teachers, Students and Parents.

Since the Blue Whale game is based on Psychological Manipulation, even a preliminary exposure to it is a threat. The Workshop therefore aims to immediately shift the focus from directly counseling students to Teachers and Parents, since children by way of these awareness programs are more exposed and inclined to explore the Blue Whale game.

The workshop is another step to empower Schools, Teachers and Parents to recognize behaviours among students which indicate participation or a need to withdraw from the Blue Whale game and therefore be able to take preventive or corrective measures.


The workshop has been designed with an aim to address the 3 key areas which can help Teachers & Parents to combat the threat of teenage children falling for the Blue Whale Challenge:

  1. Equip Parents and Teachers to Recognize Specific Behaviours and Symptoms which indicate propensity to attempt the Challenge
  2. Share an understanding on how to protect teenage children again Psychological Manipulation and Negative Influences of Social Media
  3. Discuss why and how to break barriers toward Trustful Relationship with Teenage Children


This 4 Hour session is a blend of Interactive Discussion and Information Sharing based on Psychoanalytical interpretations on the subject by various Psychologists and Behavioural Experts.

The Workshop Discussion centers around 3 key aspects impacting the safety of teenage children from social media:

  1. Role of Gaming Psychology and how it builds on the feeling of achievement and self-worth
  2. Exploitation of Gaming Psychology to unleash mass scale psychological manipulation in the form of the Blue Whale Game Challenge and similar Games or Mediums in the future on impressionable teenage children
  3. What Teachers & Parents must do to strengthen children against such eminent threats


Post this workshop, Teachers and Parents will be able to

  1. Have a greater Understanding of the ‘Most Dominant Negative or Positive Influences’ on a child impacting the child’s behaviour
  2. Recognize Symptoms and Behaviours in a Child which indicate the feeling of being blackmailed, trapped or have a threat to life and be able to take preventive or corrective action
  3. Apply an Easy to Use Matrix to validate if the child needs help and is not a case of misjudgment on the part of Teachers or Parents
  4. Have a constructive and careful sense of collaboration amongst themselves and with the child to help the child in breaking away from being psychologically manipulated



Institutional Excellence Forum (IEF), is a not-for profit organization specialising in various Behaviour, Competency and Dominant Influences led student-focused solutions catering to Schools, Teachers, Students and Parents.

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For any workshop related enquiry, kindly contact 

Ms. Payal Gupta, at, +91 8879551654


To organise the workshop in  your  City / School / Office / NGO / Society, kindly contact 

Mr. Manab Misra at,  +91 9910022135




TEEN CAFÉ offers Parents an opportunity to better understand their child’s overall thought processes about their present and the future by proving Competency & Behaviour Profile of Teenage-Child.




Celebratory Network is a consulting organization providing services on Collective Leadership Development, Managing Diversity, Coaching, Mentoring and ensuring Systemic Change. 



The Workshop is not a solution to the Blue Whale Game threat, instead, is an awareness Program for Teachers and Parents to have a common understanding of symptoms and behaviours to watch out for among teenage children and therefore take preventive or corrective action.


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