Book Online Tickets for Billion Dollar Secrets, New Delhi. A full day workshop.These are exciting times. In our days it used to take one generation to establish a decent business, forget about billion dollars business. In today’s times, it’s much faster. It takes less than 3 or 5 years to build a

Billion Dollar Secrets


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About The Event

A full day workshop.
These are exciting times. In our days it used to take one generation to establish a decent business, forget about billion dollars business. In today’s times, it’s much faster. It takes less than 3 or 5 years to build a billion or multi-billion dollars business these days. Learn the Billion Dollars Secrets from the most happening couple of Delhi NCR
Suresh & Uma Mansharamani. They are certified trainers with 40 years of real-life business experience. Their first company had an IPO in their 30s which went over 300 times followed by a presidential award. They are the founders of fastest growing business network and seminar company Tajurba International.
This workshop is for entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs.
You can achieve a level of wealth which most only dream of.
It doesn’t matter you are broke or have zero business ” Billion Dollar Secrets” program can make you tons of money in the next few years.
Imagine having the freedom to travel the world by first class, stay at the luxury hotels and eat at the best restaurants. You will never have to look at the right side of the menu.
Your business can run without you.
You will be able to help your friends and close relatives.
The faster way to grow your profits many times in a short time.
How to turn your business into an automatic money machine and earn passive income for life.


✔ How to achieve financial success.
✔ How to take your business from IDEA to IPO
✔ How to build Billion Dollars Business
✔ What does it take to create a Unicorn
✔ How to create wealth & remain rich for the rest of your life


Who is this workshop for?


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Trainers

What are you going to learn?




Every success is achieved twice - first in the mind and then in
reality. How do you think? What are your beliefs? What are
your habits and traits and how is your self-image? Without the
beliefs that are designed to create wealth, it is not possible to
create wealth. This is the foundation that separates all the
super wealthy from the rest.
 You will learn how to train your subconscious so that you
can think right, which will lead to right actions that will
eventually determine your outcomes.




If you are thinking of starting your own business or you already
have one and are looking for the next billion dollar idea, the
starting point for a successful business venture is the right idea.
You will learn:
 How you generate great ideas for your Startup or your
existing business.


 How to identify opportunities which can turn into a
billion dollar idea.
 The process of choosing the right idea for your business.
(Maybe in some areas, the market leader is weak.)
 How to find the right investment opportunities which can
grow to a billion dollars.




Whether you have a great new idea or learned an awesome
new skill from a workshop, the key to your success will be in its
execution. No one ever succeeds by only sitting and planning.
Most people keep planning, testing and waiting for perfection.
That’s a game for the big companies. Do not wait for
perfection. Your business, like life, keeps evolving; there is a
time for refinement later.
 It’s not about how great you start; it’s about how great
you end up. You will learn how to focus and execute
your plans.




“If you want to become a great company, hire people smarter
than you” Sounds familiar? It’s rubbish! When you start your
business often you are a one-man army. From the peon to the
CEO, you wear many hats.


If you already have an existing business, does everyone work
like a world-class orchestra: every note perfectly timed or is
your company like a revolving door? Do people join, learn and
leave for bigger salaries?
 You will learn how to build a winning team and find the
right people who share the same passion as you and have
the right attitude. You will learn how to retain people so
that your company doesn’t become a revolving door.




Funding is the rocket fuel that makes your dreams fly. It is often
the difference between a great idea that never took off or
creating something that will leave a legacy. It’s a necessary evil
for starting an organization.
 You will learn the art and science of raising all kinds of
funds like crowdsourcing, angel investors, venture capital
and private equity.
 You will learn how to bootstrap your business and lay the
foundation of a company that investors love!




Most entrepreneurs waste a lot of time on paperwork,
technology, and other activities. The number one activity which
brings you money and helps you become a billionaire is sales
and marketing. 60-70% of all your time, resources, and energy
should be focusing on sales only.
 You will learn how to structure your sales and marketing
to achieve your billion dollar goal or increase your sales
and profitability several times over.




You have the idea, you’ve got the team, have the business
running and have arranged the required capital to grow. The
next challenge is how to scale up. If your business is not
growing, it will die soon. There is no status quo in business. If
you're not properly managing your time with an effective time
management system, or you're-immersed in one bad habit after
another that seems to be eating away at all the precious
moments you do have, then the problem keeps compounding.
 You will learn setting proper goals is necessary for
anyone who's serious about scaling their business,
making more money, producing more products or
achieving any other dream. By creating a plan, taking


action and staying persistent, no matter what, you can
leverage strategies and methods to scale your business.




You have done everything right. Your company is valued at a
billion dollars and more. Your IPO is on the way. You are now
the mythical Unicorn. It's a much bigger challenge to maintain
your position as Unicorn. We see these examples every day.
Eastman Kodak, Nokia, and Blackberry are recent examples.
History shows that the mighty can fall. The Ancient Egyptian
Kingdom, the Chou Dynasty, Athens, Rome and Britain are all
examples of how the mighty can fall.
 You will learn how to maintain your market leadership
position and keep growing. Avoid all those mistakes
which can take you down.




One meeting can change your life! You will spend the day with
like-minded entrepreneurs. Spend the day with amazing
entrepreneurs who all have one thing in common – to learn the
Billion Dollar Secrets.




Suresh & Uma Mansharamani are founders of the fastest
growing business network and seminar company, Tajurba
International. They started with ZERO capital and took them
first company public in 1995 followed by a presidential award.
Their IPO was oversubscribed around 300 times. They are serial
entrepreneurs having over 35 plus years of real-life
entrepreneurial experience. They are also certified trainers and
Suresh is a certified Gallup strengths coach. At this stage in
their lives, they are on a mission to make a difference in the
lives of millions of young and struggling business owners who
can learn from their rich experience.


They have helped me in the entire spectrum of my life; be it identifying & emphasizing on my strengths & passions or ensuring that I set & meet my financial and life goals. Their mentorship has brought a lot of clarity & confidence into my life. Their enthusiasm is contagious; one cannot stay unaffected by their charisma.

They are a rare combination of experience, energy & enthusiasm.

Rajat Kumar Saxena Vice President Sales Neo Developers Pvt. Ltd.


Suresh and Uma Mansharamani Ji are as much of a power couple as great human beings. Just being in their company is a great life learning.

I had the fortune of having Gallup Coaching from them, and it changed my perspective about myself, brought focus on the strengths I had, and I was thinking less about my weaknesses than on. Most of us do the opposite - isn't it!! But that's why we need mentors to lead us - to help us get rid of the dogmas and stigmas and dilemmas we carry along in life.

All the very best for the future participants attending their extraordinary sessions - come with an open mind and just follow what they say. There are hundreds of years of learning in their teachings - to take home.

Mohit Miglani Founder CEO


“From Suresh and Uma Mansharamani, I learned that people work for people and being an inspirational leader and coach, connecting with people and earning their trust is crucial. In Suresh Mansharamani this trait comes naturally like supporting his mentee and friends through their tough times, connecting with them at a personal level, encouraging them to learn and grow, and having the humility to learn from them. I am grateful for the Gallup Strength finding session offered to me by him and wish all success to Tajurba International in creating powerful network communities Globally”

Rishabh Kumar Sawansukha Founder BizStreet & GSTStreet


Suresh & Uma Mansharamani Ji are great human beings.

I had the fortune of having Gallup Coaching from Suresh Ji and it changed my life. Instead of wasting time on my lesser strengths I became aware of my natural talents and strengths. It has given me tremendous confidence to achieve my goals using my strengths.

I personally recommend their workshops and coaching session for learning from their knowledge and Tajurba.

Harman Mehta Founder CEO MM Dot Com.


Luck By Chance For Me is the Experience and Benefit of Gallup Training.

Was referred by a Friend and as the Luck Would Have It, got the opportunity for an Electrifying Gallup Coaching Session from Mrs. Uma & Mr. Suresh Mansharamani.

Every minute, super well invested with the duo, who made the session a very meaningful episode, for me to learn, remember, grow and multiply in my Personal as well as Business Life.

Clear guidance on my Strengths and skills to improvise on them.

Thanks again to the super Mansharamanis Pair, who helped me multiply my path to expedited success.

Gautam Saraf CEO: Fusion Intrade's


Every Entrepreneur needs a Mentor in life. I couldn’t ask for more as I have Mr. Suresh and Mrs. Uma Mansharmani to help me in my Entrepreneurial journey. I have achieved a great many things due to their efforts.

Such as when I received Gallup Coaching from them. After only few coaching sessions my confidence in myself had gone off the roof but as an awesome Mentor and Coach they brought it down to just the right point by telling me about the barriers of every strength I had. I realized what I was doing wrong and It was a real turner for me.

I wish then great success in life and I will always be thankful to them for being there when I needed.

Sarthak Arora Digital Marketing consultant Founder - Rocket Tech


I met Suresh Ji via UrbanClap in May 2017. I was working as a freelancer at that time. I saw the vast knowledge/Tajurba he has about business and asked for his Mentorship in August 2017.

In November 2017 I started with one person branding company under his Mentorship.

Now it's been 6 Months already and that one person company has grown to 8 person company with growth of 6x profits in 6 months and my company is targeting Crores of turnover in coming years.

I am very grateful to have Suresh Ji as my mentor and my business coach.

It was a life-changing moment when I attended his workshop that day.

Thank You for Everything.

Sushil Rajput Founder at SR Visual Service

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