Book Online Tickets for Awaken the Kali Within-Rise in your Auth, Mumbai.  “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl JungDEAR AWAKENING WOMEN, Yoginis, Sisters on the Healing journey,I dare you to AWAKEN THE KALI WITHIN....A Journey into the

Awaken the Kali Within-Rise in your Authentic Power


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About The Event

 “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung

DEAR AWAKENING WOMEN, Yoginis, Sisters on the Healing journey,

I dare you to AWAKEN THE KALI WITHIN....

A Journey into the Heart of Darkness, to find the Soul of Light...

A journey to UNLEASH the wild woman and set her FREE, to embark on a deep Psychological and Emotional Transformative Healing journey to arrive at the other side, living from the authority of your own SOUL'S POWER, becoming a true ocean of compassion, not only for others, but for your own self as well!

It is a workshop for women to:

-To heal ancient wounds we carry in our hearts and souls
-To tap into our body's innate wisdom and listen to our intuition
-To gain a Feminine perspective on spirituality, to free ourselves from others’ opinions, judgements, social programming and the prison of our own past experiences.
-Rise in your Soul's power living your deepest Purpose as well as your vision to transform the world
-Honor our death-and-rebirth cycles leading us towards an inner Alchemical Transformation
-Express our Fierce Authentic Voices
-To challenge patriarchy, external as well as internal
-Unleash the Dance of ultimate Surrender, Truth and Love.... 

When we do not own and compassionately accept our own shadow, it often unconsciously runs our lives. A journey into creating a Conscious World is therefore essentially - a descent into the underworld, only 'to rise up again and again with our Divine Soul Treasures, to own our OWN POWER.'

Goddess KALI- is the ultimate Archetype of self Empowerment, healthy boundaries and be re-born, to die...... yet again,
Until we rise like a pheonix from our own ashes,
standing in the authority of our own Soul's reveal our REAL SELF!!! She inspires us to tap into that rage (our sacred truth), that has been repressed into our unconscious, because that RAGE is going to be the KEY/the doorway to your DIVINE INFINITE UNTAMED INNER POWER and DEEP SOUL WISDOM/ INTUITION and TRUTH!

We will be invoking the GODDESS KALI and learning about her through:
*CONNECTING WITH OTHER SISTERS (Deep soul inquiry questions)




4-5th November, 11am to 6.30pm

Led by: Sufiana, Feminine Soul Awakening
Energy Exchange: Rs. 4,200 at the door, 3,600 if paid by 2nd Nov.

--- About Sufiana Sachdev---

Sufiana is orginally from Bombay and has lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco as well. She leads retreats and workshops in India and internationally for Feminine spiritualiy focusing on Women's empowerment, Feminine Embodiment and Creative Arts Healing. 

She holds a Masters degree in Philosophy, has studied Expressive arts therapy in San Francisco, holds a Post-grad Certificate in Women's studies and is a trained Yoga instructor specializing in Pranayama, Meditation and chanting, also trained in Reiki and Pranic healing.

In her spare time she loves to study astrology, work with kids, write Sufi poems, acting in theater, singing ghazals, painting, photography, traveling etc....

Her path, she says is the path of Unconditional Love and of REVIVING and being of service to the DIVINE FEMININE!


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