Art and Science of Store Presentation for New Age Retailing

Art and Science of Store Presentation for New Age Retailing


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About The Event

The changing face of retail and consumer behaviour has necessitated the rebooting of all traditional practises in store presentation (Display, VM & Planogramming). The objective of the program is to orient store presentation planners and practitioners towards application of the art & science of store presentation in the context of new age customer and retail business needs. The methodology aims at refreshing principles, learning from practical case studies of global best practises and application of the concepts in simple interactive group exercises. The key purpose is to refresh, learn concepts and take away practical knowledge that can be applied to optimize sales in the context of the participants’ retail business.


Program objective:

  1. Overview of Store Presentation (Display, VM & Planogramming) in the context of SRM Model today
  2. Getting on the same page on Fundamentals of Store Presentation
  3. Application of Store Presentation for
    1. Optimizing & Measuring Brand Marketing
    2. Optimizing & Measuring Product Placement
    3. Optimizing & Measuring Silent Selling
  4. Exercise on Store Presentation


Who this is for ?

  1. Visual Merchandisers
  2. Store Planners
  3. Project Heads
  4. Store Operations Cluster managers
  5. Independent business owners

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