Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence

Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence


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About The Event

Ability to manage ones emotions is the core skill that differentiates happy and successful people from those who are unhappy and unsuccessful. Emotions can be used to your advantage, only when you can understand, acknowledge and manage them. As per research, 85% of your success depends on your Emotional Quotient (EQ) and only 15% on your Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

The good news is, Emotional Intelligence can be acquired by conscious effort and regular practice improves it to your advantage.

Anger is a type of emotion that often puts us in difficulty. Although anger can be used as a tool to get the work done quickly, often it injures our relations and sometimes it may lead to physical injury to self and to others as well.

Attend a One Day workshop on Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence and improve the way you manage your emotions and get a grip over your anger.

The coach, Dr. Luqman Hussaini, is a Psychologist, NLP and TA practitioner and has handsome experience in conducting workshops related to Stress Management, Relationship Management, Communication Effectiveness, Leadership, etc.



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