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yllabus that we cover in 1–day workshop:Why Android?Basics of Android Platform - What is Android System and Architecture?Android Building - How Activities, Intents, Services, etc. operate. Their lifecycle and role they play in building applic

Workshop on Android (OS) at NOIDA by SvS-Intech


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yllabus that we cover in 1–day workshop:

Why Android?

Basics of Android Platform - What is Android System and Architecture?

Android Building - How Activities, Intents, Services, etc. operate. Their lifecycle and role they play in building application. How activities work towards creating a user interface. Services doing some background work like reading news feed and providing them to activities to display for the user. How application listens to changes in the phone state E.g. An Email arrives and application wants to notify user in some different way. This world is amazing and endless.

Android User interface - How an interface is created using View and ViewGroup/Layouts. Using standard widget like Button, Textbox, etc. and listen to user action on them. Creating menus, dialog boxes, progress bar, adding a scrolling array list and such.

Course Syllabus

Android Overview and History (30 min)
 How it all got started
Why Android is different (and important)
Android Stack (30 min)
 Overview of the stack
Linux kernel
 Native libraries
 Dalvik /App framework
SDK Overview (1 hr)
 Platforms / Tools / Versions
Hello World App (2 hrs)
Creating your first project

The manifest file
 Layout resource
Running your app on Emulator
Main Building Blocks (1-2hrs)
 Activities / Activity lifecycle
 Intents / Services
 Content Providers
 Broadcast Receivers
Basic Android User Interface (3 hours)
 XML versus Java UI
 Dips and sps
 Views and layouts
 Common UI components
Handling user events
Android System Overview (2hr)
 File System / Preferences
 Notifications / Security model  Advanced UI (3 hours)
Selection components
 Adapters / Complex UI components / Building UI for performance / Menus and Dialogs /
Multimedia in Android(3)
 Multimedia Supported audio formats
 Simple media playback
 Supported video formats
 Simple video playback
SQL Database (4 hours)
 Introducing SQLite
 SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
Opening and closing a database
Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes
Basic Contents  (2hs)
Content provider MIME types
 Searching for content
Adding, changing, and removing content
I Working with content files
Dealing with Threads (3hr
 Getting Through the Handlers
 Messages / Runnables
 Running in Place
 Where, Oh Where Has My UI Thread Gone?
 Now, the Caveats
Handling Activity Lifecycle Events (4 hours)
 Schroedinger’s Activity
Life, Death, and Your Activity
 onCreate() and onDestroy()
 onStart(), onRestart(), and onStop()
onPause() and onResume()
The Grace of State
 Implementing the API Supporting content files
Location Services (2hrs)
Working with the Location Manager /Working with Google Maps extensions
Services (4 hours)
 Overview of services in Android
 Implementing a Service
 Service lifecycle
 Bound versus unbound services
 Intent Filters (4 hours)
 Role of filters
 Intent-matching rules
 Filters in your manifest
 Filters in dynamic Broadcast Receivers
Advance Syllabus (ANDROID)
Networking (2 hours)
Working with web services
 Best practices
 Sensors (2 hours)
 How Sensors work
 Listening to Sensor readings
 Best practices for performance
WiFi (2 hours)
 Monitoring and managing Internet connectivity
 Managing active connections
 Managing WiFi
 Telephony (4 hours)
 Making calls
 Monitoring data connectivity and activity
 Accessing phone properties and status
 Controlling the phone
 Camera (1 – 2 hours)
 Taking pictures
 Rendering previews
 Bluetooth (3 hours)
 Controlling local Bluetooth device
 Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices
 Managing Bluetooth connections
 Communicating with Bluetooth
 LIVE Projects Available.
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