Alienation of Space, Ongoing Experiments - Exhibition

Alienation of Space, Ongoing Experiments - Exhibition


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'Aditi Kulkarni showcases 'Alienation of Space, ongoing experiments' at Seven Art limited Gallery'.

Seven Art Limited Gallery showcases an on-site residency by Aditi Kulkarni titled 'Alienation of Space, ongoing experiments'. Pune based artist Aditi Kulkarni works with mixed-media, combining digital works into installations. Her work explores her individuality, perceptions, intuitions and various artistic processes.

Her interest in states of consciousness, hypnosis and parallel dimensions in time will lead to the construction of a site-specific installation that will employ kinetic sculpture, photography and moving images to create an immersive sensory experience at Seven Art Limited Gallery within a period of two and half weeks.

She will be developing a series of works that relate to what she calls, 'the alienation of space or our perceptual relationship to gravity, space, memory and the flow of time and experience'.

Her works are based on visual perception that leave it to the audience to interpret the context, to activate out of their passive role as spectators and be stimulated through visuals to create new definitions and perceptions of their own.

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