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Adventurous NIGHT Trek to Rajgad with NISARG PREMI TREKKERS


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About The Event

                                                        निसर्ग प्रेमी ट्रेकर्स
*** Get ready for Adventurous NIGHT Trek to Rajgad with NISARG PREMI TREKKERS***

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राजगड़: Rajgad (The king of all forts in Marathi) is one of the most important forts in Maharashtra.The fort was the capital of Maratha empire for more than 22 years.
Today the fort is attraction for trekkersbecause of it's huge size, its sky rocking height, the difficult route and the historical importance of the fort.
*Places to visit on the fort :
Padmavati Machi
Suvela Machi
Sanjeevani Machi
Nedhe (The big hole to the rock)


Start: Friday 6 May'16 at 9.00 PM
Return: Saturday 7 May'16 at 3.00 PM


*Trekking Time from base village to reach top : 2 to 3 Hrs
*Difficulty Level: Medium


*Fees: Rs. 700/- only
*Fees Includes-
* Travelling by private bus.
* 2 Breakfast and 1 Tea
* Fruits/ Snacks
* 1 Veg Lunch
* Trekking Guidance
* First Aid kit
* Camp fire (If Possible)
*If Interested,  please transfer the fees in below given bank account and then register yourself on our website with bank reference number


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*Website for registration:
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For more details,  contact our coordinators:
Amit Aradhya: Mob: +91 7507999420
Tokendra Sahu: Mob: +91 8446270950
Or you can email us on:
Last date for Nominations: 4th May'16


*Below are the bank details for payment.

Acct Holder Name: Amit Aradhya

A/C No.: 01481140039427
Branch: East Street, Camp, Pune.
IFSC: HDFC0000148


*For fast payment using IMPS option*
Registered mobile number associated with Bank is: 9503128866
* MMID: 9240512

To transfer the amount within same bank, email id which is associated with HDFC bank.
Email id:


....T and C....
Please read the disclaimer carefully


Full plan details will be shared with nominated participants only.
Please forward this msg to your friends and interested trekkers...

Terms & Conditions


  1. Nisarg Premi Trekkers shall not be-held responsible for breach of any contract or careless actions or omissions on part of such suppliers, which result in any loss, damage, delay or injury to you or to your group members or to the luggage or personal belongings. We do not guarantee any of such trek rates, bookings, reservations, connections, scheduling or handling of personal effects.
  2. We shall not be responsible for any injuries, accident, death, damages, or losses caused to any trekker in connection with any force for joining the events including but not limited to terrorist activities, social or labour unrest, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, Flood and Inundation, riots, criminal acts or abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions (Natural disaster) outside our control.
  3. Please note that we reserve the right to accept and cancel reservations or changes in plan for trekkers who join our group. Every attempt will be made to balance the group with the best interests of all trekkers in mind. If during the reservations process, our team anticipates a negative outcome will result to fellow trekkers or the tour may potentially be disrupted by trekkers, the reservation will be cancelled and any penalties incurred will be the responsibility of the participants.
  4. TREK/PACKAGE PRICES: are subject to change with notice as per market price fluctuations, tariff changes or increase in operational costs. In addition, arrangements of treks are based on a Minimum Number of participants traveling: if the number of passengers falls below the minimum required, a surcharge may be imposed on all participants.
  5. CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: We reserve the right to charge processing fees in the event of refunds, cancellations and other services. **For cancellation before 2 days start of the trek, 25% amount will be deducted and 75% amount will be refunded. Cancellation before 1 day start of the trek, 50% amount will be deducted and 50% amount will be refunded. Cancellation on same day of the trek, amount is not refundable
  6. How do I get a refund after cancelling my booking? After cancelling your booking as per above condition, you will need to send us the cancellation request on mobile via SMS or on WhatsApp or mail to then the refund shall be processed within 30 days from the date of receipt.
  7. Insurance Policy: Insurance of any participants is not covered in our prices, nor are such options available at the time of compiling this information. It is explicitly understood that the participants are booking the trek event at their own personal risk.
  8. Identity Proof: Your Proof of identity is required during travelling. Without proper identification (Driving licence/ PAN card/ Aadhar card/ any valid ID proof) you will not be permitted to join us.
  9. Each participant is advised to buy a travel and health insurance, as Trekking, Hiking & Walking or adventures activities will be at own risk.
  10. You have understood and agreed that any representation provided in our Website/ Facebook Page/ WhatsApp/or any other means may differ from the actual services or the locations and that you have deemed to waive any present or future dispute or claim with regard to the same as You have yourself and through your expert advisors have independently verified the actual services and locations.
  11. The contract between Nisarg Premi Trekkers and You shall be subject to your interest and not forced to join the event.
  12. Any dispute arising out of the understanding and/or Contract between Nisarg Premi Trekkers and You shall be solely subject to the Jurisdiction of the Courts in the City of Pune.
  13. For any arranged trek by Nisarg Premi Trekkers, If you are travelling through your own or by travel agent or any of our partner agents, then Nisarg Premi Trekkers are not responsible for any cause.
  14. Acknowledgements, Assessments & Disclaimer of Participants

Everyone should read thoroughly, complete where required, sign and date this document, and then hand it over to Nisarg Premi Trekkers organisers.

By signing this Nisarg Premi Trekkers DISCLAIMER:

  • I confirm that the information entered herein is correct and I agree with all the points mentioned above entirely at my own risk.
  • I, accept full responsibility for my own risk and , I would be own responsible for any personal injuries/ accident/ death/ disability/ property damage/ property theft and all other loss or injury whatever and however occurring which I may suffer.
  • I, accept that I would be responsible for any loss or damage for the safety equipments/ Nisarg Premi Trekkers assets which will be provided to me and liable for re-pay for the asset.
  • I accept that, I will follow all the instruction given by instructor/ trek lead and will maintain the discipline throughout the trek and will be liable for action by Nisarg Premi Trekkers for any misbehaviour.




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