Enterprise Integration with Spring, Bangalore, 3 Aug - 6 Aug, 2011

Enterprise Integration with Spring, Bangalore, 3 Aug - 6 Aug, 2011


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About The Event

Enterprise Integration with Spring is a four-day training course that is led by SpringSource experts who will discuss the most important topics and technologies related to enterprise application integration. This hands-on training teaches you how to apply Spring technologies to solve integration problems that face server-side developers.
Completion of this training entitles each student to receive a free voucher to schedule an exam at a Pearson VUE Center to become a SpringSource Certified Spring Enterprise Integration Specialist.




Experience with developing applications using Java
Basic understanding of Spring

Instructor - Kamal Govindraj, Senior Consultant, SpringPeople

Training Objectives:

Use Spring to create concurrent applications and schedule tasks
Use remoting to implement client-server applications
Use Spring Web services to create loosely coupled SOAP-based Web services and clients
Use Spring-MVC to create RESTful Web services and clients
Use JMS for asynchronous messaging-based communication
Understand and use local and distributed transactions
Use Spring Integration to create event-driven pipes-and-filters architectures and integrate with external applications
Use Spring Batch for managed, scalable batch processing that is based on both custom and built-in processing components

Training Outline:

1) Introduction

Styles of enterprise integration
File transfer, remoting, and Web services

2)Tasks and Scheduling

Introduction to concurrency
Java Concurrency APIs
Spring task scheduling support
@Scheduled and @Async annotations


Limitations of “plain” RMI
Benefits of using Spring remoting
Spring remoting over RMI
Spring HttpInvoker
Hessian and Burlap support

4) SOAP Web Services with Spring WS
Web services best practices
Introduction to Spring Web services
Object-XML mapping with the Spring OXM abstraction layer
Client access with WebServiceTemplate
Error handling
Out-of-container testing

5)RESTful Web Services
Core REST concepts
REST support in Spring 3.x
REST specific annotations in Spring
Client access with RestTemplate

6)Working with JMS
Introduction to JMS
Configuring JMS resources with Spring
Sending and receiving messages using Spring JmsTemplate and message listener containers

7)Transactional JMS

Why use JMS transactions
Transactional JMS resources with Spring
Duplicate message handling

8)Global Transaction Management (XA and JTA)
Two-phase commit and XA
JTA and Spring
Configuring JtaTransactionManager
Transaction demarcation

9)Introduction to Spring Integration
Goals of Spring Integration
Core components of Spring Integration
Defining channels, message endpoints, and gateways
Spring Integration namespaces
Eclipse-based Visual Editor for Spring Integration

10)Configuring Spring Integration
Channel types and polling
Synchronous and asynchronous handoff
Synchronous and asynchronous error handling
Advanced endpoint types: bridge and router
Working with MessagingTemplate

11)Spring Integration Advanced Features
Splitting and aggregating messages
Dispatcher configuration
XML support: XPath, XSLT, Object-XML mapping

12) Introduction to Spring Batch

Spring Batch high-level overview
Working with jobs, steps, readers, and writers
Job parameters and job identity
Batch state persistence in the database
Spring Batch quick-start example

13) Restart and Recovery with Spring Batch
Stateful ItemReaders/Writers
Reading flat files
Introduction to skip, retry, repeat, and restart
Spring Batch listeners

14) Spring Batch Admin and Scaling Batch Jobs

The Spring Batch Admin Web console
Scaling and parallel processing
Multithreaded and parallel steps

Note -

We will provide you complete courseware/training kit - printed and soft copy of manual, licensed softwares, lab and binary files loaded on a USB drive etc.
On completion of the training, you become eligible to write the prestigious "SpringSource certified Enterprise Integration Specialist" exam and the cost of examination voucher, worth Rs. 12,000, is waived off.

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