AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING SHOW 2011 on 10th June To 12th June @ Chennai

AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING SHOW 2011 on 10th June To 12th June @ Chennai


About The Event

THEME: Manufacturing Excellence 

EVENT OBJECTIVE: Helping Vehicle and Auto-component companies deploy appropriate technology and connect to providers of systems and processes to optimize efficiency, quality and costs. 

The event approaches different management levels of automotive professionals. 

(While top executives manage goals and policies for an enterprise, mid-level functional executives are responsible for the quality and quantity of production. They arrange necessary materials, machines, tools etc. for getting things done and hence key customers for system suppliers.)

At the AES, the attending automotive professional is offered -

  • Fair floor with about 125 exhibitors showcasing Manufacturing enhancers
  •  IT solutions in Design, Development, Planning and Manufacturing
  • World renowned Manufacturers of Automation systems and Factory Control
  • Assembly Line System Integrators and Line builders
  •  Machining Centers and Metal Cutting equipment including Laser cutting
  •  Productivity Enhancers, latest concepts in Tools, Jigs and Fixtures
  • Specialized solutions in Welding including Laser welding
  •   Automotive Testing, Metrology & Quality Inspection providers
  •   End to end In-plant (Material) Handling systems

   Co-located exhibit pavilions 

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Tyre Technology
  • Automotive Painting

Automation Kiosk” - right within the exhibition, there is a neutral space to impart generic information and query handing on certain chosen subjects. This is an attempt to educate and disseminate information; awareness and skill building programs will be run from this location.

  • Robo-zone
  • RFID
  • Safety in manufacturing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Vision systems
  •  Composites Corner – Neutral space for information  on Advanced materials and composites 
  • Exhibitor seminars (Product Presentations) – Day 1,3 (June 10 and 12, 2011)

   Allow participants to expand the reach of their products / services among prospective customers as well as reinforce rapport with existing customers.

  Presentation equipment, Registration and Tea / Coffee will be arranged by the organizer

   The final program will be publicized in the media, official website & invitation fliers

   Individual invitations to a carefully selected exhibitor’s ‘most desired’ list will be sent.

  • Special awards seminar* on “Excellence Award for Innovation and Creative Automation ” – Day 2 (June 11, 2011)

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