ASSITEJ India Presents Theatre For Young Audiences At IIC

ASSITEJ India Presents Theatre For Young Audiences At IIC


About The Event

National Conference on Theatre for Young Audience Concept, Need and Possibilities

If you are involved in Theatre for Young (TYA), as a performing artist, an educationist, a playwright, a teacher, a parent, or a student, this Conference is the right forum for you.

Format of the Conference

The conference will address various concerns pertaining to Theatre for Young focusing on the following three themes (each theme on one day) to be processed through three modes to be discussed over three days:

   1. Theatre Practices: Reflection, Innovation and Future.
   2. Theatre and Education : Meeting Points
   3. Writing For Young

The three modes of deliberations are Presentation Sessions, Workshops and Talking Circles:

   1. Presentation sessions are meant for sharing thoughts in the form of written papers being presented in a seminar mode. There will be two parallel sessions of two hours each with a maximum of three written papers per session. If you want to present a paper, you may choose your own topic related to the theme. For this you are required to send an abstract of 150 words.

   2. Workshops are aimed at dissemination of actual works done by theatre groups/persons pertaining to practioners’ reflections, innovative techniques and experimentations. There will be a minimum of two parallel workshops of two hours each. You are welcome to share any innovation or experimentation you are doing in your area. For conducting a workshop please send a brief write-up about what and how pertaining to the workshop you want to conduct.

   3. Talking Circles are meant for facilitating critical reflections/discussions on Theatre for Young following presentations and workshops. The delegates will be divided into four smaller groups. The points emerging from Presentations and Workshops will also feature, giving opportunity to every participant to challenge, question, fill up the gaps, add new perspectives, and thereby strengthen the notion of the day’s theme. Time allotted: 1 & ½ hours for each parallel Talking Circles. Each Talking Circle would have a facilitator. Please indicate if you would like to be a Facilitator.

Event Details : Theatre for Young Audiences.
4th August :
The Little Blue Planet (50 min)
Conceptualised and directed by Anurupa Roy
Presented by Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust
With shadow puppetry, puppets and actors, The Little Blue Planet is a thought –provoking play about global warming.
5th August :
Tom Sawyer (65 min)
Director: Babita Pandey
Dramatisation: Vijai Kumar
A Hindi adaptation of Mark Twain’s enduring classic novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Collaboration : ASSITEJ India

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